Rockies' Arenado feels disrespected over trade rumors


Hour I do want to mention this real quick both the error not rumors and the Montana wrapping two teams both of those got a lot of votes as well and so I want to mention this real quick about it Nolan arenado is now upset publicly feeling disrespected by the Rockies organization for potentially including him in in trade talks justice a very short time after signing such a massive extension we know our minds go immediately to what do you have to do to get your hands on this guy because if they are not as upset even Jeff passengers rollers short time ago this could get real ugly and start to feel like the Stanton situation that lowers the value it means a player may be able to say oh no you're trading me there you're treating me right there you don't get to just talk to everybody your trading me there so I would think that anybody inside the NL west would be the last last last teams that the Rockies would talk to but who knows where this ends up at our good friend Ahmed free just wait it out like what would you give up and I just wrote back but I don't know how's everything sound I mean honestly to get a player like that at a position like that from the giants you do absolutely anything you can't even though again the last in the Rockies would talk to and they're probably the last team right now that wants to get into paying a player that

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