Stand-up, sketch and satire: The rise of Indigenous comedy



Charlie Hill was a legend on the stand up comedy circuit. Almost every indigenous comedian will cite hail as their inspiration their motivation and hand aspiration and even though he passed on in two thousand and thirteen the laughter he created. Lives on hill was a member of the oneida nation of Wisconsin Wisconsin. His first network appearance was on the Richard. Pryor show in nineteen seventy four. He was the first indigenous comedian to appear on the tonight show with Johnny Carson and he also appeared on the tonight show with Jay Leno and made multiple appearances on late night with David Letterman. Here's the legendary Charlie Hill. I did this back in L. A. and they didn't quite get it you know they're not used to seeing is in Hollywood. Everybody wants to tables in a circle and they weren't quite sure you know in a in a heckler and I know that she'd never judge a man by the color it was neck or anything like that wouldn't want to hear their prayer Marica. And why don't you go back. We came room so I can't in his living room last week. I was in Washington. DC WE SEEK. Did he show where members of the American Indian Republican Party. Three in the next gentlemen ever met in my life and then coming out here to Canada airport searched and I resent that via need. You were as an alien. You'RE GONNA hijack a plane anyway. Take me to hope. So I'm sitting on the airlines. You know in the middle seat here redneck sitting on each side of me and I'm thinking you I stole my leg ripped up my culture but you're not giving these damn armin don't they. What do you nations? We have tonight on the commentary. Everybody Yawn your your nation. Okay one-two-three antastic. Just thought I heard somebody. I don't even Wanna be that's cool. That's okay we're all welcome here in the circle of humor tonight. Welcome everybody who came but we always CDs. He's one of the power they always WANNA be. So I wrote a commercial called generic they WANNA you tired of being left out in the cold with no native heritage on aware of your Indian roots. Or maybe maybe you have new Indian roots. You'll uncomfortable powwows. Well soon. You be out there singing and dancing with the rest of US thanks to. Yes one spoonful of generic in your native groups are starting to grow back instantly. You'll never appeals spiritually inadequate again taken as direct the generic increases wisdom and stores and makes you one with the universe where we're script in so try today when someone asks you your travel really just say generically you made up what you know. What in your heart art? Gosh inside of action include suicide poverty disease religious persecution and general of land the recorded. That would've picked comedy. Festivals welcomed a Turtle Island showcase in two thousand and five. That was Charlie Hill.

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