Musical Fantasies for Kids


Welcome to classics for kids. I'm Naomi Lewin. You probably know that a fantasy is something you make up out of your imagination. The music a fantasies started out the same way a piece that Musicians Shinzo made up as they went along these days. improvising composing as you. Play is mostly done by jazz musicians. But in the renaissance. When when the name fantasy or Fantasia I got attached to compositions classical performers were encouraged to go with whatever inspiration came to them? It was almost almost considered cheating to write down a fantasy A hand Sebastian bath originally only called that piece of Fanta Z German for fantasy but then he changed the title to invention same thing in England. They often shortened fantasy fantasy too fancy in Spain or Italy they called it a Fanta Zia and in French Pontes E. Sometimes a fantasy became the beginning of a whole sweet in the nineteenth century. Instead of making up the melodies themselves composers posers started to build fantasies out of pre existing tunes. Max Bruch used folk tunes. He picked up on a trip to the British isles in his Scottish fantasy in. Uh Pablo this. Sarah Saute a Spanish violinist based a fantasy for his instrument on themes from George visas opera. Carmen which is set in Spain in another Spanish fantasy by Joaquin Rodrigo uses old dance melodies in a new arrangement for guitar and Orchestra the fantasy up at one. Hindi Hinchey lingerie or fantasia for gentlemen French composer Marceta grown Shawnee took a bit of melody from a Haydn Symphony and wrote a fantasy for harp the granddaddy of all fantasies is one by Beethoven who love up to break musical rules. It used to be that fantasies were just for instruments. Beethoven started out this fantasy with the piano But he wound up having an orchestra and chorus join in in her in spite of the fact that the pianist does most of the work. That's known as Beethoven's Choral Roll Fantasy Rape Wban. Williams named several of his pieces fantasy or Fantasia but even though the fantasia on green sleeves opens opens with a fanciful. Little flew click. The piece actually follows a musical form. A BE A. There's a melody the a tune. A second melody tabled be and then the first eight melody again. The a tune is the folk song. Green Sleeves uh the B section in the middle is based on another folk song. Lovely Lovely Joan. After that the Kyun returns more green sleeves ray-ban Williams lived during a great period for English composers

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