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In in in two thousand and in eight nine but fifty seven percent so professionals don't buy and hold here's an article about a buffet what's buffer doing right now this is for Bloomberg says bluff it steers clear of buying stocks of what born buffets that dollar cost averaging he's not buying regardless of what prices does Berkshires cash pile gets a record he's got cash he's on the sideline he's waiting for something to him the article goes on as as Berkshire was a net seller of equities he's taking profit he has a hundred and twenty two billion with a B. dollars on the silent right now in nineteen ninety eight at fifteen billion in two thousand four eight forty three billion so he's never been a buying holder that's just the reality what he is someone who looks at the market in actively manages the situation buy and hold is an actively managing a situation buy and hold it why is it attractive because of its simplicity requires little intelligence gear skill or even a serious effort it is completely ignores the essential investment concept of managing risk the Laura buy and hold in the industry that purported is is old as Adam and eve get rich with little or no effort it's mindless right think about it this way buy and hold is a purely offensive investment strategy it ignores the defensive half of the investment question and then what do they do they come into the and they say things like a nobody's an indexed universal life which by the way I'm not saying it's never the right product for you education will tell you with but think about that the the the market goes up they put your mutual funds at ten to under perform that market then when the market crashes it coming so you know what you should be in an early and you sell off those positions in those buying those religions to drive him back up the industry by an old is a purely offensive investment strategy it ignores the defensive half of the investing Kwidzyn risk management that's like a football team with no defensive unit you say that's ridiculous but yet that's how most people do what but the money in the market yeah we talked about this newsletter that you're gonna get free if you call eight eight eight seven zero four eight seven two three or go to for your G. a class that cab and get yourself a seat at one of these workshops here's an article by gable as was one of our structures incredible trader he's ever wonder what it takes to be successful market speculator any goes any talks about chart reading in the seasonal several important is about the most important thing says is a process he says it's a process he said by this definition of training process can be built by creating steps and simple rules to find repeatable chart patterns that can then be acted upon to produce reliable results member would Jesse Livermore said you said there was nothing new when the marquis said the markets change the players changes suckers changed but the market never changes because the market is human nature in Jesse Livermore made over a hundred million dollars in nineteen twenty nine so there are three things that you and I need to be a student first we see you got to control your emotions nine and sometimes that stuff with a psychologist who teaches one of our courses it's called the psychology of trading he talks about controlling that emotional side we thought this through folks you've been doing it for twenty two years the US government gives a patent our strategy the next thing liver more talks about is money management we call would risk management can you heard how the strategy that Wall Street tells you to adhere to complete it is that and then the next one he said is market time he said you must learn when to enter and exit of position why because of a market drops forty percent which you solve three street it's not unusual it's got to come back sixty six percent for you to break even give the time for their probably not you know if you're ready to watch a financial news recently he probably knows that market experts are no longer predicting with stock market volatility will occur that's because it's already here the fact is that is that the market only goes up than anyone can make money but it takes an investor or trader with special set of skills to know how to capitalize on about our fluctuating market will market volatility is here the time to act is now been in a ten year plus progress of Trent at some point the bear market's gonna come in we'll show.

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