NFL 2020 Coaching Carousel Tracker: Latest news, updates and rumors on firings and hires


Coaching Carousel and the NFL is spinning wildly on Monday. The Dallas Cowboys Hired Mike McCarthy on Tuesday Booze Day the Carolina Panthers Hired Matt Rule and the New York giants from the process of finalizing a deal to hire the Patriots special teams coordinator and wide receiver coach. Joe Judge and NAT leaves the Cleveland Browns as the lone NFL team in this head. Coaching cycle not to have a head coach at this particular point in time. But the browns have scheduled setup. They'll be interviewing the Eagles defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz on Wednesday the Vikings offensive coordinator Kevin Adams too fancy on Thursday and the Patriots Offensive Coordinator. Josh mcdaniels so many thought would be in play in New York and Carolina before they went another direction on Friday. Keep in mind. The Brown's already have interviewed Eric. The Enemy Grumman Robert Sal and I think the browns would like to have a coach in place by Saturday though. Maybe it's at some point. This weekend will see what they decide to do at this point in time

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