What's Happening In Baghdad Following Iraqi Parliament Vote To Expel U.S. Forces


The US has informed the Iraqi government it is moving some forces in the country in line with the request from the Iraqi parliament our parliament has voted request US forces leave in the wake of the killing of an Iranian general in Baghdad Tom Bowman says there were no plans at the moment for US forces to leave entirely defense secretary markers for told a small group of reporters at the U. S. is not made a decision about withdrawing troops from Iraq there was a letter that went out for the American command in Baghdad that talked about re positioning troops within a rack but not actually leaving Iraq and then the general mark Millie the chairman joint chiefs of staff told us that letter was a mistake it should not have been sent out and clearly it cause some confusion NPR's Tom Bowman meanwhile general asper seem to suggest today contrary to comments on Twitter by president trump would be no US attack against Iran in cultural sites Ronnie leaders meanwhile are promising to avenge the U. S. killing of one of their top generals but the country does have other options that do not involve a direct attack on U. S. targets here's NPR's Greg wiry around his long sought to drive US military forces out of the region Trina Parsi of the Quincy institute says the Iranians have no prospect of doing that by force but now there's a potential political path to that goal with Iraq calling on U. S. forces to pack up and go if in the meantime the political situation in the rock leads to the U. S. leaving in may actually enable the values of the clear their little victory and not take any action against the last one Ronnie an attack remains a strong possibility analysts say the country is wary of an open ended military conflict with the U.

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