Britt McHenry sues Fox News, alleging sexual harassment


I suspect a TV I mention fox and break make Henry a fox host it's fox nation which I think that's their online service but I'm sure she's been on other shows as well so is Britt McHenry still with fox we know good can you check real quick and see if Britt McHenry is still with fox and fox nation she is sued fox news for she's sold fox news and the hi Chris this contributor Tyrese whose real name is George Murdoch for sexual harassment so it says it's a former co host I guess they did a show together and it's been reported as of yesterday according to Vanity Fair and exclusive trick that the Tyrus is getting sued and sells fox by McEnery a lawsuit was filed yesterday in New York state Supreme Court also alleges gender discrimination and retaliation names Murdoch not the murdocks as in the murdocks and the owners of fox or the she says she's still there so she still employed issue suing fox and Lisa bloom asserts tourney that's Gloria Allred's daughters are returning yeah so this guy Murdoch George Murdoch is Tyrus that's his real name at a sewing fox nation fox news channel fox entertainment and some other names as well as well as this Tyrus guy and you know some of the details I've got the the one of the texts among other comments that McEnery ledges Murdoch center beginning October twenty eighteen just two months after meeting her and one month before the to launch their show includes the following text message just pull your boobs out and now why don't you just grin and bear it keeping negative and I'll send you another deep pack that would be a a **** pic but the the D. word I love ponytails and braids you look amazing and it's a real turn on not that you care but I love it I'll show you what it means to be bad breath make Henry another **** pick at you know but Richard Peck or a the Dick Nixon pick up coming in five seconds he tweeted well if not the next part I love your legs is a creepy how I look at you FIR FYI you'll need those legs to escape from me in Montana I please especially on your knees hotness and I love the fact that you're always working if we ever had sex I feel like an orgasm you say speaking of feeling good did not did not or did see the story on puppy rescue we should do a segment on it hand me my phone so just a these are some of the text messages that he center so Murdoch's attorneys are denying the claim they're saying that these are improper that he might actually file a defamation lawsuit so this Britney cannery Stiller fox Tyrus is still in fox and got a big old lawsuit going

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