Revisiting Criminal Obstruction of Justice in the Impeachment Inquiry


Twenty sixteen mana for was the chairman of the trump campaign anti corruption prosecutors in Ukraine disclosed that a pro Russia Russian political party and you're more payments from manta for it from an illegal slush fund manifold resigned from the campaign two weeks later do you crazy members of parliament and press for investigations into whether the prosecutor's revelation of payment records which were first published in The New York Times it violated Ukrainian laws that in some cases prohibit prosecutors from revealing evidence before trial both lawmakers asserted that if the release of the slush fund information broke the law that it would should be reviewed as an illegal effort to influence the United States presidential election in favor of Hillary now then I would then guide the not only that court decision I would then guide the director of the FBI to January eleventh twenty seventeen and politico that's where they discuss the NC operative contractor Alexander Chilumpha meeting with the Ukrainians in the Ukrainian embassy in Washington for the purpose they say in politico hardly a right wing outlet that for the purpose of getting dirt on trump and trump associates to help Hillary Clinton and that it all backfired because they backed the wrong horse and well Donald Trump one now they're in trouble so I'm not so I'm not sure why director ray is having a problem with this but him not knowing this to me is like the equivalent of Bob Muller not knowing what fusion GPS is or not knowing that genie ray was once Clinton's attorney at the Clinton foundation and by the way and now we're gonna get lectured by the wing man for Barack Obama Eric holder he's lecturing bill Barr about who's fit and not fit to be an Attorney General I guys so when the tank for Barack Obama that he called himself all bombers wing man is now complaining that the president's Attorney General bill Barr is not independent enough you got to be kidding me former Attorney General Eric holder Billy's bar is unfit to serve as the nation's top law enforcement officer writing in The Washington Post not bad a recent controversial comments you mean the

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