How to Reach Multiple Target Audiences


They're released sh and MOJO RIGHTS HIGHBURY FIRST OFF. Thanks for being such an amazing inspiration inspiration for sharing your rockstar. Know how the world you are. Welcome I look forward to your videos. Every week. I currently run a business called the mouse. Market uh-huh I sculpt Itty bitty realistic foods out of clay and I sell them as either dollhouse miniatures. Or I turn them into jewelry pieces whenever I'm creating something. The share with my audience dance from my monthly newsletter to daily tweet. I seemed to get caught in limbo because I can't figure out how to speak to both the customers who wearing funky jewelry and and customers who love decorating their dollhouse a super specific example. I want to offer free appear Freebie when people sign up for my newsletter but I can't think think of anything that would appeal equally to both groups. Is there smart. Way To target both sets of customers in marketing efforts without over generalizing my five message. Thank you so much so well let me tell you how it was going to go. which mouth market right here and right now girl up Mo we love Your Business? It's fun it's adorable and it's totally unique. But I went ahead and visited your website and I don't think your problem or your challenge is what you think it is. You got some other issues issues. That are easy to fix. While I'm going to give you a whole bunch of as to cues. You didn't even ask. Let's start with your first question about food. Jewelry customers versus dollhouse customers. We'd be odds here for a minute girl menu. People who want dollhouse food and people who want miniature food jewelry are not that different they like food and they like banks. Here's the question. Are you reaching all of those people because I took a look at your website and I saw some opportunities that you are messing. Do you have any idea how many people search for food jewelry I'll tell you. It's five thousand four hundred every single month breath how about miniature food. That's nine thousand. Nine hundred searches her month and then dollhouse miniatures. It's forty thousand. Five hundred searches searches per month. A lot of people decorate dollhouses. So by the way I use the Free Google Edward Keyword tool to find all these numbers and I highly highly suggest you use it to you can just go to Google and type in keyword tool and you'll find it so here's the deal Miss Mo- you are missing out on an incredibly active give niche market. Because you're using clever wording versus very basic simple language that people are already searching for dollhouse catering which you have on your site is super cute and clever but it sucks for your business because nobody searching for it. By contrast thirteen hundred. People are searching for dollhouse food every Vermont. So here's what you need to do. My friend simply write about and you simple terms like food jewellery miniature food and dollhouse food next up. Let's talk about out this whole. PDF idea for your business. You sell physical products right mile so think about it. Your customers probably don't want a pdf a PDF works. Great when you're or selling information or advice or how to's but for you you need to think about your customers and your business and what's going to work really great for you as an opt-in so for products based business you want something compelling like free shipping on your first order new subscribers only sign up for flash sales only available to subscribers. Here's a twenty dollar off instead coupon and the list goes on and on the point here is that your offer should be in line with what your customers most want. We also want to talk about the policeman of your often offer on your site. Currently it's buried all the way at the bottom which is not good when it comes to opt in offers they should always is be above the fold and what that means is that someone should never have to scroll down your website to find it. Important point here should always test different locations for your often offer to find out what converts best and I did a little snooping on your behalf and I found out that one of your colleagues is doing something really smart back. Here's a little screen. Shot of what. She's he's doing on

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