San Jose State University unveils new housing plan for faculty, staff and students


After years of negotiation San Jose state is announcing is taking over a state building your campus and turning into some much needed housing for students and staff this is Matt Bigler at San Jose state which will soon build eight hundred to twelve hundred new housing units on the site of the old all course building one block from campus SJSU president merry Papa's Ian says the existing three story building will have to be demolished it's just not a place that can be re hab they would be throwing good money after bad the announcement was applauded by the student homeless alliance vice president Brianna brown says they estimate about thirteen percent of the student body around four thousand students has struggled with homelessness in the past year I look around I see people laying in between the you know the aisles of the library and it's crazy because before I got involved in this I don't understand what that meant the university also plans to offer three million dollars in housing grants and starting in the fall it will open thirteen emergency beds for homeless students at San Jose state Matt Bigler

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