Michigan investigating possible coronavirus cases


Fifty you heard it first on W. W. J. as the number of confirmed cases of the so called coronavirus continues to climb there's word of two patients in patient cases in mission in now and that's being submitted to the CDC for testing for the virus joining us live in local for the update is newsradio nine fifties John Hewitt John Jason both individuals are also from the metro area one from Akon county one from Washtenaw county but as you mentioned we need to emphasize at the top here that these are being submitted for testing for the corona virus and have not been confirmed however according to the Michigan department of health and Human Services which continues to actively monitor the corona virus outbreak originating for originating out of Wuhan China there are two cases of interest as we talked about locally we had a couple of local health department ever for cases to us based on respiratory issues individuals are having travel history are you know some of the things that we're looking for as far as that could be a potential case of corona virus on those are being reviewed by our lab staff and the ones that on to meet the case definitions are being sent off to CDC for casting that is Lynn suffering with the state department of health and Human Services speaking with us moments ago so far there are only two confirmed cases of the coronavirus identified in the United States however the number of confirmed cases around the world has been climbing sharply now standing at more than eight hundred fifty with at least twenty five at Talladega all of them in

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