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Eli the Elite?



Of course we will start with the news that came late yesterday and that is Eli Manning's decision. Chew retire he calls it a career after sixteen. NFL seasons the official announcement will come at a press conference tomorrow morning. He played his entire career with the giants. Why is he won? Two Super Bowls and let the franchise in every passing category. Here is now some reaction to his decision from around the league allows a great fierce competitor man and to be able to play hollow for sixteen seasons. It's a really tough. It's really tough. He's a super bowl. Champion are playing him my rookie year. He almost got me benched because he was lighting up and taking advantage of my. You know my my rookie. Youth is consistent steady throughout his whole career and obviously have a ton respect more. Aw Man he's got so much to be proud of and two super bowl championships. You know with two clutch drives the game. You know to win though so he deserves. I think a ton of accredit successor that time and also just a ton of respect from all of his further career he was able to hop. I mean he's got to be in the top ten in most every meaningful statistics when it comes to quarterback play. Okay so you know I got to play against a lot in the NFC east and really observed him. When I came in as a rookie he had just won the Super Bowl? And so I I enjoy it even when I was at the back of watching just observing high went about his business because I said Kay. That's that's the goal. That's where you want to get to. You can't write the NFL store without Eli Manning well said they're manning one of only five players in NFL history to win multiple super bowl MVP's he seventh. All Time and touchdown passes and passing yards arts and start at two hundred and ten consecutive games for two thousand four to two thousand seventeen the third longest streak for quarterback in NFL history. He was always there if the best ability is availability. He had plenty of that Victor. I'll start with you of course as Eli teammate and friends what's the one thing you remember most about. Eli Manning the player just being an iron man just being accountable just being there when you needed him the most we needed someone to make a play when you needed someone to carry the weight of the team on his shoulders. He took it and he never pointed a finger at anyone on the team. Never pointed the blame at anybody else. He always made sure that when loser draw he's GonNa take the pressure and take the heat off the team and bring everybody better and I think that made us respect him. It made us raise our level of play and it and it just made us go out there with a certain Passionate that certain disciplined to go out there and play with this guy because you knew that he was gonNA bring all he had each and every time he stepped out on their football fields and you knew the preparation was where I remember times where Sunday Hyundai after games that Monday morning already in luxury. Mind you that's off day. That's not even a that. We're supposed to be there. He's there studying getting ready for the next game. Getting Ready for the next opponent opponent and just tackling this thing on and commend you e for just everything for this league for the giants and and you know I know you're only gonNA accomplish more things posts a poster right. That was the first chapter. It's interesting perspective because we have teammate and we have opponent I always a different way to look at things. You have some hardware because the things that he was able to do in that super bowl playing against him a few times I could just say this. He's a constant professional going back a couple years ago even last year having to go up and down on with being a starter then being benched not being there you never saw him complainer or have any. Ill will towards his teammates. He was always trying to be the best teammate. He could be So that just represents his character. The type of team eighty is. It was always just trying to do to do the best for his team and congrats on a heck of a career and let's not forget he did it in New York or science which is not the easiest place to for that length of time with that kind of grace and I know you had a chance to talk to a lot of players today and late yesterday about what else legacy bid. Yeah I gotTa Tell You. It's probably one of the easiest questions I had to ask players about because the answers just came to everyone so quickly because everyone has so so many good stories about Eli and everyone loves to throw in there that he so unassuming he's unwavering and it's it's sometimes I think looked at I and some of the players said this as maybe perhaps a negative connotation because he's not flashy He's got this ability to go out there and running offense and not look physically scary when he does it put the respect is there. I talked to Shawn Watson for almost fifteen twenty minutes about Eli Manning specifically and he said you know I remember number for me going to the manning camps and getting the award and he taught me so many different things about football but he pulled me aside right before I got into the League and talked me about highs and lows and how many I'm about to be part of and in order for me to have six. I gotTA figure out a way to stay in between like I've I just thought of that. I thought of that conversation in moments when things have gotten really bad for me. So I if manning obviously having a tremendous effect on young quarterbacks in old ones as drew brees talk about it there's there's no question is he a hall of Famer absolutely. I think that when you look at obviously the two superlatively fees Only one he's one of the five people that have to Suba. MVP's and you know. I just think his legacy and the things that he left out on their football field. I mean it has to be have to take that into account and I just think he is all of Famer in in my book. I watched the Guy Work Day in and day out. He put the work into a hall of Famer and he put the work in to be even the conversation to be in the hall of fame. You know to this day so I think he absolutely gets Gets a deserves I. Yeah I think so as well look. There's a lot more variables that go into a team and you look at some of the years that they struggled in New York. It's not all allies fault right. There's other things in place there that make a team successful. So with the time he was there he was very good and he brought to Super Bowl so that organization an MVP two times. That's impressive so his body works speaks for itself. I think those players teammates journalists were so close to it. We we constantly talk about how great he is is and he's such a professional and and I think for fans it's hard to understand what we're talking about because we're in it with him. Were in the locker room. You guys are out on the field and you're just a significant -nificant difference when you put together a career the way he has dealt with good in the bed in New York with those cameras in his face and always be the same guy. After all these years I think for me he gets in Beeson the character the man. He isn't of course the fact that he was able to bring the I tell you what I liked that he got that one last start to. I'm not going to lie. It's really nice to be able to walk with the. He deserved that. I still get. I get chills and so Congratulations Eli Manning.

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