Prince doctor to pay $4K civil penalty for prescription


Concern a Minnesota medical board has disappointed doctor who treated prince for prescribing pain medication in another person's name the Minnesota board of medical practice last month reprimanded Dr Michael Schulenburg in order him to pay a civil penalty of four thousand six hundred forty eight dollars I don't know how they came to that exact amount but the board did not name prince however in a report he was identified as patient number one and his long time friend and bodyguard Kirk Johnson as patient number two Schulenburg initially told the board he did not know pain killers he prescribed for Johnson were intended for prince authorities said excellent Berg admitted prescribing oxy code own a different opioid to prince's body guard Johnson in the days before prince died knowing the drug would go to prince Schulenburg disputed that allegation although he paid thirty thousand dollars in two thousand eighteen to settle a federal civil violation alleging the drug was prescribed

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