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All right Robyn. Can I get it. Oh Yeah Oh yeah nice. Nice Nice first of all robin like we do every single time I wanna say thank you for taking the time out to talk with us because as I know. You're busy entrepreneur. Business owners so there's about a thousand things that you could be doing right now but you decided added to take some time out to talk with us so thank you for that. It's my pleasure. Thank you so much for having me on your show. The next thing I like to do is to ask you to tell us about about yourself now when I say that still free to go all the way back to the day you abort or you can start more. Current Day tells us about Kumaon. Yeah basically I live in the south west of the UK. I've always lived out in the countryside. We have a teachable. I'll take the call twelve and if I need to go listen to visit the the UK they should definitely come and check out the proper like yolly welby costs. Well how does everywhere. I like chocolate box type stuff but now fast forward kind of went through school always wanted to set up a business but didn't really business. I wanted to say so. I worked for a medical device company for about four years systems. Unless I'm a numbers Guy Elti propagate at the gate love my mouth and that point we managed to double the ten Brunei ended up pretty much running the company by the end of the four years so we grew to about a million and a half pounds a year in terms of ten AIBA and being systems analyst. I ended up. I suppose anyway. Firing about half the workforce so we actually work for Stanford about fifteen people down to about seven right because of the systems which I built so very good. I'm list but didn't realize the negative impact on coming on our work or people even at jobs which was fantastic side instead talking and four I started with marketing business. Run that twelve years we agree. That's about a quarter million pounds at ten A.. managed to get up to find employees within that business. That's really great. That will business point. My family was growing so I already had a daughter and then my second daughter is about to come on and I just had that you only have that sort of moment I call it kind of the shit moment where I realized really the agency with great but it wasn't really fulfilling me so I took three months off claims the agency see down and took three months off to spend time with my family and my daughter and you have been a paternity leave on during that time. So we're talking to two Thousand Sixteen fell into the coaching. Actually some people said. Oh you're really successful business. That's in Khost Day in that. Can you help us with that. We don't need to do any of the work. We want you to tell us how to do it so I feel as business business which is what I do now. The coaching practice already built that too similar. So this is actually my marketing business. Not GonNa go to amazing coaches and a couple of other people helping me now and I haven't looked back accurately there's been a real roller coaster ginny. Wow there's so much unpacked there that I don't even know where to start but I'm GonNa take a step back and learn a little bit more about you. What's your favorite thing to do? My favorite thing is the thing so which the U. K. isn't really well nine for itself and you'd probably be looking at Hawaiian someone. uh-huh actually about forty minutes away from where I live now. They've just opened up a wave garden. So that's my Kinda like guilty pleasure disappearing off down there plenty times in the new year. So yes I think. The biggest I've ever said his didn't sound very grandpar- pretty big at the time of fifteen foot waves to Morocco. I call the first. One wasn't quite lucky with the second one and ended up going under the water. It felt like forever but it was about forty seconds before I go back up again and they were very scary. Surreal experience parents. Probably one of the best experiences in My life actually now surfing a fifteen foot wave in Morocco may not seem like a big deal to you Robyn. But that's that's kind of a big deal. My friend tell you what we did is. I went out surfing with a couple of buddies and my friend called me into. And he's like he's like adult paddle paddle and then all I had I was coming off the top of the wave with. Oh Yeah I guess it was more of a big but it was like live the moment that you realized the power of the like. You're you're not point it's just GonNa do what is going to do with you have absolutely no control over it. That's a really good segue to my next question. I'm curious I heard in your intro. The businesses you start it and we're able to grow them in how you were started at a company as a systems analyst and ending running the company talk a little bit about surfing as it relates to that mentality of how you've been able to be successful in business. Joe Funding go on the other day about like if I could align myself with Perry he would not like well. It'd be mass boy again sandwich. Sounds like super nerdy. But I don't know why but I never got the radio bond stuff so you're never going to become like an engineer or something like that but one of the things I did get very early on with uh with the the basic economics on how to run a business in terms of kind of you know not just you know piano profit and loss type stuff ten by not properly sanity but cash is king and cash is one of the things which I kind of understood right from an early age not just to earn it but also have to keep it which is a a thing which a lot of progress really struggle with you here entrepreneur say things like oh I've got cash flow problems but it's not a cash flow problem. The tool the cash flowing into that business is also flown straight back out of the business so he's not cash. Play that issue. It's actually about being up to make more money but also being to keep some of that money so that you can then put towards growing a business and I got that in that first business because the the A business owner at the time. He's a great guy he really got the product innovation side of things. But how do you know understanding pats business so I kind of got into Kunar forced to kind of had to learn it as an eighteen year old school. And I've been out to take sort of fool with tweet to the businesses lifestyle runs in so I'm curious to know a little bit more about that period of your life in career so you end up starting at this company as a systems analyst and you said I think by year four year running the company and end up having a let half the people go because of the system that you put in place. How do you reconcile it? Well I mean the thing is going on since obviously and they got. They got jobs at the time. So that's fine but at the time it was like a you know when you're twenty one twenty two and realizing I like that you'll making people redundant it's actually really hard to stomach because you realize at that point that people hate you and I kind of when I started to run my own businesses businesses on. I realized that if just course this is just part of the journey going as a business owner having to make those really tough decisions kind of hiring and firing people and one of the the things which one of a mentor of mine said this really stuck with me for the United again from the very early on in my business career he said you need to highest level and five so people aren't performing properly. They're things that coming along through replacement then adopting you kind of need to get them out of business because typically the people of the most expensive business but the rules are the most important part of the business and I had this moment I realized I should work for that company and things weren't going well. Ten were wise. But I just wasn't enjoying it. I realized I shot a Graham changing. Take that piece of knowledge. And that's at my marketing business and see thousand four and I'd won so at that point I wanted to roam my marketing business. It'd be big enough. I the hiring people instead of having to find them. Got It so obviously over your career. You've had many things that you've had to overcome. Do you have a methodology analogy or a method to how you overcome challenges me. It's always been about having somebody to because if you try and deal with a lot of this stuff and business on the Rhine. I mean like you're dealing with things that you don't have experience in dealing with this. I have a mental or coach. Who got your back? You know no matter what when the irrespective irrespective of whether you're paying them or not like it's super important you have people around you who understand business because businesses we live in a day and age. Actually where the ten sometimes number businesses that were like the star of the Internet age so here in the UK. I think we had about half million businesses in the guy at the door of the night. Now there's six million serpent comes into business thinking it's super easy to get business. Stuff is a global marketplace clients your fingertips dot she ten number people. Doing whatever your listeners do are you right now. Which means it ten times to get found and so for me? It's always once you have those little moments of realization actually business. It's pretty tough. And you've got my support network around you so that when things do get haunt the wheels fall off and you can. You can go Nassir bit of advice. That's when the magic happens has a great offer. You probably read the book. Thinking Rich Rich Hill only talks about and there is about the mastermind effect and having groups of knowledgeable. People around you. Ron could work all this stuff out on your because you you're working out and you're conventionally but it's much easier if you can do a bit foster

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