Ram, Salisbury clinch men's doubles title in Melbourne


The doubles final. Men's doubles final. Won by Britain's Joe Salisbury and America's Ranchi Ram and. It was their first. Is the first ever slam for Joe Spur. Who played brilliantly today? And Reggie Fram. I didn't realize this. She study five years of age. He'd never want amendable slam either. He'd WanNa mixed doubles slam last year. What a moment for him? It was something like his fifty eighth. Men's Grand Slam tournament something like that fifty six or fifty eight thirty fine. He got his first one and for it's one of those partnerships switch has massively worked out for both of them. I mean Joe Souls you know not many people knew about each other souls bree eighteen months ago and now he's a grand slam champion. Ram has helped him get over the line and they were. I mean they were the seeded team. They're up against a inexperience this path and they showed their class in that in that match. They were the number of points they created in men's doubles where served dominates was extraordinary. They were so good on. Return and Joe Salisbury. In particular felt like the best buy on the call he was. He was fantastic and he's now put himself in a position to about the Olympics to to be at the Olympics and choice the partner. He's this puts him up to four in in the world and if he's top ten executive Olympics he gets to select his partner and he was asked by by Russell Fuller on the BBC explicitly. They would you like to play with Andy Murray and he said Yeah. I thought it'd be super cool and I'd love that which I mean tough on for Jamie. Murray very tough on but I mean amazing for diesels breed and Rajiv Ram mm-hmm island today used to be coached by Australian tournament director. Craig toilet would you believe I'm you this because when when when he said that unquote that it reminded me. I remember being in the tournament in Qatar in two thousand two when I met Craig Tully Abner Mason. Before he was an aid. Come over I think to sort of run. Some some sort of Kemp's training camps and I got into and I actually Santamaria Good Company. Really really good start to way before his tennis Australia days and he he used to be the head coach or captain of the Illinois University Tennessee he was. He was doing that for about ten years and he ran the whole program at telenor. University and on his team was Rajiv. Ram Delic remember him and he told me about those two and it was one of those where you know somebody tells you about players whose or coming up poor. Who's a college? I remember writing these down on a piece of Bay right. I'm going to look out for these guys you know and see what like What he's like? Mike is a man with a served. That's a carbon copy. If Pete Sampras yes I love it when that happened down to what he does is with his left foot ticks. Yeah it's extraordinary

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