Enjoyed great guests this year man


To make a film about the history of big wave riding and I was fortunate enough to be able to see dog town and I just thought well that is a an incredible format life if he could just take that that format in implemented into big wave riding that we have an incredible film and I and I met Stacy and we hit it off and he was excited about it because he he you know as a skateboarder in the surf for me appreciated big way running so he was he was all in you know it's it in a way Tony I look at big wave riding like with great all like I'm not a surfer but I got it V. extremely interested in serving actually by watching films like that one in the dog pound guys who based a lot of their moves on surfing moves like that the hand to the to the under the water yeah but what I what I think is mind blowing about the whole thing especially you big wave guys is most of us we stand on the shore we look out at that look for and why we go BGE holy smokes man that's a fifty foot with one

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