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Kansas City Thirty One San Francisco Twenty air it. It is Mitchell as he's been waited his whole damn life to make that call and cheese fans. They've been waiting fifty years for their team to Hoist Lombardi and it finally finally happened on this. The second of February two thousand twenty the Kansas City chiefs are the super bowl champions after that thirty one to twenty win over the San the average Cisco Forty nine dollars a game in which they were down like they were all their postseason games by double digits. This time in the fourth quarter and yet Patrick Mahomes and company would not not be denied. Dan Heads here the around the NFL podcast presented by little caesars. And yes I'm coming to you from a hard rock stadium that is filled with heroes mark. Sesser Chris Wesseling and Greg Rosenthal. What is up boys? Hey Dan still filled with some chiefs fans and employs employs. Usually I feel like we start the taping after midnight. got going a little quicker like there's still an MVP chant going on the exciting. These fans. Don't WANNA leave. They've waited. You know half a century for this. Yeah usually when we're here it feels like we're ghosts like passing passing through a stadium and and and you can't. You're not sure if you're humid or not until you get back to the hotel but in this case where here. The field is is covered in confetti. Where on the third level the really Nice hardrock stadium here in Miami was great Super Bowl Week? A lot of fun a great city for a super bowl the eleventh and Super Bowl in this area which is most just past New Orleans and If you're a cheese fan this was the dream come come true and I got to watch the second half of this game in the seats With my cousin Matt and I just you know watching an older gentleman guy looked like he was in his fifties with his wife Cheese FAN IN JERSEY. As that game it became clear. After obviously the Damian will even before the Damian Williams run that clinched it it was becoming clear then the Williams touchdown and then there was this release. Like Oh my God the chiefs are GonNa win the Super Bowl and it was a well-earned win and one that didn't look particularly like it was heading in this direction even halfway through the fourth. That's quarter the chiefs to me. Their players and coach Kinda remind me of the fans. It's been so long since they got that Super Bowl in Randy read. It's been so long a guy like Frank Clark find his way there. Honey Badger finds his way to Kansas City to make this happen. Terrell suggs is lucky enough to come along for the ride at the end of the year. A lot of I just find their way to Kansas City and end up winning this one and you're right fourth quarter at midway through the fourth quarter forty nine hundred ninety five point six percent win probability. I know that's not your stat. The latest evidence that people need to stop talking about win probability it means nothing other than a twitter talking boy. It means it means it's unlikely the other team's GonNa win and now know Kyle Shanahan. Would it peaked at about ninety nine point wait. Six percent against the Patriots early in the fourth quarter always had ninety five point six percent. The percentage. I don't think takes into account Patrick Mahomes uh-huh it just doesn't or the chiefs offense or Andy Reid like the way that you have to dominate Patrick mahomes and make his life. If uncomfortable for sixty minutes I think is the hardest thing to do in the NFL. The forty niners balled out on defense. Not Unlike I believe the the Seahawks balled out on defense against the broncos. They did so many things right for the first three quarters. I think in a lot of scenarios and with a lot of quarterbacks that game would have been twenty seven to six at with eight minutes left in the fourth quarter and they're never could've been a comeback but mahomes got out of a lot of plays blaze. That could have gone worse. He had a lot of negative. Plays the chiefs defense. Did just enough and it just shows you. Yeah you can. You can do a lot while. They held him to five point three yards per play which is a very very low number for the chiefs and she's still put up thirty one points in nine drives. They barely have the ball. They still went over not surprising. Because that's what they've been doing for for months and months and if we had one kernel of information going into the for the last two weeks to to base our analysis on that the chiefs and Patrick Mahomes I would open the third quarter with back to back picks by Patrick Mahomes and that the niners would be nestling a twenty two ten lead minutes into into the fourth. You would think this is a perfect setup for San Francisco to run away with this thing but if you give Patrick Mahomes even ten minutes to operate and it gets hot. Aw everything's off the table. Fifty fifty two and a half minutes of game time the niners down day and I remember thinking as has the game was reaching as it's ticking through the fourth quarter and they have a twenty two ten lead and thinking what made the chief. So unstoppable all when they were humming the regular season but especially in those two comebacks in the AFC playoffs it. was that big play ability. That the niners there's through their dominant front four. Were taking away. Mahomes running for his life just by his brilliance kept the game close because is almost any other quarterback decided. Lamar Jackson has a couple sacks. Fumbles and the game gets away. Like what Von Miller Cam Newton a few years back but he was able to stay on his feet. Keep the game from getting away and the what really sticks out to me at that moment again. Midway through the fourth quarter after the tyreek hill catches is overturned on review. And you feel the entire building is psyching up. It feels like the niners are about to make the big play. Plays away from winning the super. Aw It is third and a miles third and fourteen. I believe third and fifteen and I leaned to my cousin Matt. I said the most likely play. Is You get try to get half of this back and then make a manageable fourth-down fourth and five and get it done. But no that's not what the chiefs do that's not how they operate and even a game where they never made any big plays with the season on the line mahomes dropback. This time found tyreek Hill West on a busted coverage and that changed

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