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The VW Beetle: An Evil Origin Story



Germany was looking for a true people's car literally translated as Volkswagen in one thousand nine hundred. Thirty one. One writer from DOS volks auto basically summed up the struggle for making people's those car perfectly quotes the van and be too heavy into expensive to produce the Hausa ill-suited in traffic an unstable in purpose but is needed is a car. Awed designed for the street offering maximum comfort but a minimum of luxury Ferdinand. Porsche realized this as well and at the age of fifty five decided to open a business himself an attempt to accomplish such a monumental task. He assembled a team of the best German. Speaking designers engineers an opened his own company in Stuttgart Germany while he didn't have much capital. He was globally known as an automotive genius so he was able to accomplish this with clouds alone own. GotTa have that clout. Yeah cloud is basically my number one currency. Yeah I think I can speak for everyone in this room. We wouldn't be where we are today without without our cloud for your appearance on two broke girls channel wouldn't exist. It does get a little though. 'cause I remember last week went to lunch and I covered you you and I was like hey. Can you hear me like thirteen dollars. Like I haven't paid for a meal since one thousand nine Hundred Ninety six on April Twenty Fifth Nineteen thirty one the company. I entered the official registry as the doctor Professor Porsche Company for the Assembly consultation and design of automobiles wheels and engines. We've wanted to call Dr Pepper but that's hardly taken. Ferdinand Porsche had made a name for himself in racing. The creation of a people's car was always a personal passion of his. It wasn't long until Porsche began drawing up designs for the first Volkswagen in nineteen thirty. He Won. He was commissioned by Private Motorcycle Company and began working on the project twelve motorcycle sales are going down and this company wanted to diversify hi there portfolio a little bit product. Twelve was the first project ever for Porsche. That was neither a small luxury wagon or a small racing car designs immediately we took on the familiar beetle-shaped and it was powered by five cylinder. One thousand. CC radial engine. That may twenty five horsepower. Radial engine like like like an airplane. Like an airplane yeah the first prototypes were road. Tested in nineteen thirty two. Despite the cars functionality the company that hired Porsche Chak cancelled the contract. As motorcycle. Sales had begin to pick up again in the entire endeavor just like they broke up with their long-term. Yeah way friend and Porsche was like finally you know we're going to get to be together and they're like. Oh Yeah Yeah. Yeah it's always been you then and turns out Dave's back. Oh cool no good for you guys so happy for you know all right so that whole thing was okay for Porsche the motorcycle manufacturer. Ns you another company immediately. swooped in to take their place at the time. Germany held the largest motorcycle market in the world but people wanted cars and Msu that they begin flirting with the idea of building true through automobiles it's crazy that Nebraska State University started out as a motorcycle manufacturer in Germany. It's incredible and then we can. It makes much more money in academia. This new project was dubbed project. Thirty two as it began in the year. Nineteen thirty two a pattern was beginning to form though and ns you started to stay purely in the motorcycle market and bailed on the project the factor. Ns you pulled out. Didn't hinder porsches spirits. It's though he seemed like a pretty a Kinda Guy Project thirty two had allowed him to alternate innovate his previous designs. Bring him one step closer to the future Volkswagen and he had been dreaming of and just a year and a half working for himself he already. He had already made more progress on designing his dream. People's car then he had made in the previous ten so overall he was pretty stoked meanwhile on February eleventh nineteen thirty three less than two weeks after coming to office Chancellor Adolf off Hitler did something no other German chancellor had ever done he attended the Berlin auto show. It was no accident that the theme of the show that year was the will to motorization cassation which now that read it aloud. Sounds very forboding and evil. Okay so Hitler had a plan quote. The motor vehicle has become come next to the airplane. One of humanity's most ingenious means of transportation the German nation can be proud and knowing is played a major part in the design and development of of this great instrument he immediately punctuated that remark by saying that Germany had fallen behind in the market. And now of course his time to fix it was actually at this auto show that one. Joseph Dan's appeared with his own prototype. Volkswagen the Standard Superior Ganz is especially unique in the story because his designs over the five years before the show helped influence both Ferdinand Porsche. And many others. With their attempted Volkswagen's Hitler himself expressed serious interest tryst in the prototype vehicle during the shell despite providing revolutionary designs contributed to all future. Volkswagen beetles just Ganz's name is almost completely absent from any history books. Due to his Jewish Heritage Ganz was arrested persecuted and forced to flee the country of Germany while his name was scrubbed from basically all records and was forbidden from being associated with the term Volkswagen altogether so porsche basically stole the design at the following auto show one year later. Hitler announced two major policies that would be enacted immediately. He called for the mass construction of roads and and highways as well as for car to be built that can finally be owned and driven by the common man quote. No country can be strong transportation as week to help push forward his dream of a mobilized Germany he promised tax relief for auto companies more money for racing more resources for motoring events less interference from state governments on the ownership ownership and production of cars. Course this was not just for the People's benefit but for militancy. Yes now this this is what kicked are like the. US's highway system into high gear to they're like. Oh we need to get you know missiles across the country chief we need to an arson. Attack on the Reichstag allowed Hitler to make a sweeping power grab. He officially made himself Germany's fuhrer he. Hurried hurried changes and transportation and pass the rash automotive law in the summer of nineteen thirty three removing German states of any responsibilities concerning the ownership and and production of automobiles and soon after the construction of the first autobahn began. So he's the site. I'm a dictator. Yeah Yeah it's like turns out. Yeah I'm king to again public support. The idea of national progress was tied directly to the innovation in transportation. It's hard to understand. Just how big the Autobahn project was. But the pure scale of road. Construction was unprecedented unprecedented at the time. Four thousand thirty four miles of road was planned for construction over the next seven years but like so many characteristics characteristics of the Nazi party it was the idea that mattered. Most the Nazi spoke with these roads. As M- court monuments in fact one announcement titled Not Roads But Works Works of art read quote. Nothing is to cramp or delay you in your swing from one horizon. To the other the highways will spark like stone an artfully rot. Ring ring the construction of these roads was essential for Nazis to gain the power. They wanted but they needed the public support behind. We'll be right back with more of this story. Okay but I learned from our sponsors. It should be obvious that the roads were really intended for an advantage during wartime but people were too busy Z.. To really think about that for a while Germany was actually looking really nice as long as he didn't look any deeper than the surface level. Surprisingly of all Hitler's rhetoric. The Volkswagen was the one that carmakers feared the most they all loved the idea of mass producing a car that literally everyone will want to buy or even better working with the governments to enforce the necessity to buy them after all who doesn't love being both supply and demand but they wanted the cars they mass-produced to be cheap like a three wheeled covered in motorcycle or something. Truly cheap manufacturers hated the idea of building a car just as good as the upper level cars for the price of an entry level car they wanted to make money and Hitler's Volkswagen plan left no room for people to even need to purchase high end models. Not only did they think selling a good car. So cheap was texting technologically logically impossible. They also feared the long term impact of direct government involvement in the automotive

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The VW Beetle: An Evil Origin Story

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