Facebook and the Republocrats - burst 6


What is its path forward Arvind Krishna who is going to be the new. CEO In April is actually one of the most respected people within the company and he is leading the cloud business. He's also leading the research efforts. He's got a huge purview at IBM and so It's it's not really surprising that they appointed him because he's probably got the most sort of wide-ranging comprehensive view of the business of any of the existing executives I do think that It remains to be seen whether someone who's running a cloud business that is not really keeping pace with Like I said the cloud. The public cloud market is pretty much over. I mean IBM has an offering They're not super relevant in any way. So maybe he can change that but I guess the jury's out but I will say that like I said he he's seen as a very well respected technologist so well. It sounds like you're saying that it's it's really up to him to make the little red hat deal work on his on his shoulders to prove this enormous bet that

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