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Lady Gaga, boyfriend Michael Polansky are Instagram official


Okay let's talk about lady Gaga as new boyfriend you want to see a picture of him you can go to the my talk Instagram and see them Michael Polanski is his name he's thirty three years old some facts about him he co founded and runs Facebook co founder Sean Parker's philanthropy foundation so he runs this foundation called the Parker foundation he also graduated from Harvard there's a smart guy for their anti met her he met got got through Parker so I'm having a hard time supporting this union because I'm still waiting for her to get together with Bradley Cooper all what's going to happen I I still holding out hope friends I was thinking about that and and then I thought you know what I think they're too big of stars together I think Bradley Cooper need somebody that adores him and he's already married is me don't know how he broke up with every in exchange yeah well they were married well I think you have a child together see we know all about it I'm still waiting what I'm saying is I don't know if he could handle lady Gaga schedule and not being there to

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