Kansas City Chiefs win Super Bowl with epic comeback


Kansas City Chiefs to raise the twenty four nothing deficit against the Texans in the divisional round of the playoffs a ten point deficit against the Titans in the AFC championship game so a ten point fourth quarter deficit the Superbowl was no problem Williams a running back to the left of the homes now they bring Tyree killing motion with the fake to him hold this would be called chiefs radio that but Casey had with two forty four to go Damian Williams then sealed it with a thirty eight yard touchdown run with one twelve left in the chiefs beat the Niners in Super Bowl fifty four thirty one twenty in Miami their first Super Bowl title in fifty years Patrick my homes engineered three touchdown drives in the fourth quarter he finished twenty six of forty two two hundred eighty six yards two touchdowns two interceptions he was named Super Bowl MVP he was just as happy about helping Andy Reid becoming a Superbowl champ I had two goals when I became the starting quarterback of the Kansas City Chiefs and the first one was a window more high trophy I wanted to bring it home the one that as our founders name name on I want to bring to this family in this organization and the second most important thing was to get country Superbowl trophy Damian Williams finished with a hundred four yards rushing Tyree kill one hundred five yards receiving the chiefs the first team to overcome three double digit deficits in one post season we offer the Niners Jimmy grovel threw for two hundred nineteen yards and a touchdown and two interceptions good team good defense yeah give us some credit so just die no we didn't make some a place that we normally make so stop one and the not is looking for a record tying sixth Super Bowl title the chiefs championship parade will be Wednesday in Kansas city

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