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Deval Patrick to Democrats: Others have plans, I have results


Divall Patrick is the accomplish two-term former governor of Massachusetts and he's running for the Democratic nomination for president. His is an Uphill Hill. Fight made tougher by the fact that African American voters are not giving the only black candidate in the race now the boost and support. He needs to have a fighting chance. The Patrick isn't giving up with reasons I said earlier. You know I have Others have plans. I have results here. What they are right now governor? Patrick thank you very much for being on the podcast Jonathan. Thank you for having me all right so when we were writing up in the elevator you said to me what what was that that you're a black man can't win so let's let's go right there. We're talking about my aunt. Gloria man part was off the Rick Now I read your column I read your column and I you know I was telling you on the way up about a caller to a a radio call in show. I was on in South Carolina a few weeks ago and he sounded. And I'm I'm aware of my presumptions and say he sounded like a Like a black man and he said To the effect governor. Patrick he said you know you are exactly right. You are just right for the country he said but I don't think that America's going to elect another black president And I will say more and he said well you see that Trump is the reaction to Obama and and we're just not ready for For Black President we thought we were when we elected Obama. But we're not today and you know I I have not Had not heard that again Until I saw your uh until I saw your article and I know you said that's not exactly what you were Right the article was about well. I mean what we're talking about is my my aunt. Gloria who lives in North Carolina at the Family Barbecue will uphold. I my relatives in in in the in the in the yard at the barbecue and she said the way the the the system the way it is right now things being so racist that it's going to take an old white man into beat an old white man old school against old school and that was her argument. For why Joe Biden she thought would be the person who should be the nominee the and should be someone who could beat President Trump and the Washington Post did a pole with Ipsos where Vice President Biden foreign away is leading among black voters in this was a poll. Only a black voters this sort of reinforced On Gloria's areas viewpoint you're standing in that poll was less than point five percent Do you think I mean given the call from the South Carolina giving on Gloria and the family hold them well the oath of the look. I think I might experience as a candidate. Eight and watching Candidates and in politics is to be deeply skeptical of polls Really right up until the eve of the election the mole that it matters to say the obvious is is Is the vote cast by by voters you know polls told us that the outcome of two thousand sixteen presidential the election was going to be very different than than the and it's not that all poles are bad. It's just I think most of what we're getting today are polls about name recognition in that. Add respect I have a lot of work to do Nationally and we're getting that work done but I think the the The part of the of the column Jonathan if I may okay so as a Respectful of your incredible work. I'll give you the critique. No it just made me sad Because I think what is happening in many ways and this goes beyond race but I also see it among A black voters I meet is that we are so focused on the very very very important work of defeating the incumbent president that we are all of us looking for permission to devote our aspirations so we keep being We keep talking ourselves or in some cases being talked into. What is the smart outcome and candidates do it as well Columnists pollsters pundits and And so forth and I think you know voters others have a singular power and that is to make up their own minds about who best represents events their aspirations for for themselves their families their communities and And the nation and seating that to To people who were you you know hard at work trying to sort of outsmart or forecast outsmart. The electorate forecast the election before people have really begun to focus in on it. I think is a a is a worry not just for me as a candidate but for me as a citizen. I'm going to ask you this question that I have I have here. You may have already answered it. But I'm going to ask it because it's sort of our black voters being pragmatic or too cautious is not just black voters and and When I say When you when when I hear pragmatic I am hearing That they are buying a narrative about likelihood of success from people whose success at predicting likelihood is mixed at best folks aren't GonNa unreason their way through polls and punditry to the right answer. They're going to Eventually pay attention to. WHO's making the best case and WHO's likely to make the strongest case against Against President Trump and the fact that we know Joe Biden. We're familiar with With Joe Biden. Who by the way is wonderful person? doesn't necessarily mean that He's the most effective at a At standing up to to president trump and I'll just say if I may on my own behalf and I say this mindful that there are it's big talented field with with a bunch of my friends in it no one else in this race has a range of life and leadership experience that I do domestic and abroad private sector and public And when you consider the range of challenges that face people black and brown and white and everybody else how much like The experience of growing coming up on the south side of Chicago with other black people and That I had and neighborhoods like it. How much like that? Experience is is experienced experienced today in In the suburbs in small towns among a white working class People better be willing and able to be a bridge to change that That lasts while speaking of of your career. I'll be a little more specific. You were the two term governor of the Commonwealth uh of Massachusetts. Yes you were the former. US Assistant Attorney General for the Civil Rights. Division during the Clinton administration correct rang and in private sector at Bain capital in other places. Why don't you think given this range of experience and having I'm Ben in the race now is two months yet? I think so. Yeah too much like today that you haven't that you haven't been able to break through through well we you know we have a lot of work to do. We are focusing not on national polls are becoming famous. I'm focusing on building in the early states. We have With a real emphasis on New Hampshire and South Carolina for reasons we can talk about but we have organizations in each places teams growing very a fast in those two primary states up on the air with TV commercials digital commercials in in the early states and that is a that is terrific. Perfect you know in the I think in the days before I came here To your offices in. DC We were in New Hampshire. I WANNA say three three days and did nine or ten events in those days had four front page Articles in local newspapers. There's big headlines and so on bigger and bigger crowds and they're very engaged so for me it's not about you know just showing up and having rallies. It's really trying to listen to people. I have a whole bunch of very strong ideas of my own campaign by asking people to make personal increasingly. They are they're doing so so again. I have no illusions about the about how heavy the lift And had life not intervened. I would have come in more than a a year ago and I think you know that story but I came in when I did because it felt like This great talented field. Good as it is and familiar to me as many many of them are Might Miss the

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Deval Patrick to Democrats: Others have plans, I have results

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