'The Peanut Butter Falcon' Cinematographer: Nigel Bluck.


Welcome cinematographer Nigel Block. Nigel how are you today? Thank you very much so great to have you on. Nigel and I have to say New Zealand has been putting itself on the map a lot lately. Tyco RTD. With Joe Joe Rabbit phenomenal movie Tons of others you. A lot of success in New Zealand is true. We look. I mean you can send them. I mean headed his heyday in the civilian nineties. Expose with what we what was going to the cinema of unease great movies banking then and hasn't been a lot since then but it's still a very select kind of universe down there and and united something people talk about law in strive to be So yeah among crowds in your community and I think title what Katie said the same thing at the Oscars. I have to say though. Your Dad loves since cinema. Your Dad loves film. As you're growing up clearly has a love of all things. You know acting films cinema. That had the rub off on you. Talk about his love of the cinema in movies and how that might have impacted your love of movies and got to where you got you to where you are. Today he was a he mental Talks about a lot which I see but you know you eat a lot of film. Generals around discussion was the thing. We'd always father was very interesting. She against you as a Sanath Tinder. Coaching and a lot of discussion with him and exposure to things. That will come. Unusual film. Specially like a two lane blacktop. Very early on the picture and it still remains to be one of my favorite movies on but yeah I remember funnily the early days of cinema discovered with day so I have to ask you just as we hear terms all the time. Those of us on the outside not familiar with the industry. Is there a difference between a DP director of photography and the cinematographer the same thing or are they different in any way? There's more is a more European called fries. Photography dirctor photography's squealing. Hollywood comb Tune and you have this really interesting beginning where you're enrolled in school. You're old in film school and you know you reach a point mentally in your life where you say you know what I can kind of and I think this is how it unfolded where chief my goals without having to get a degree from school without having to get this degree so you ended up leaving. Just talk a little bit about a clarity Klein from the school though pretty much like you gotta listen. You WanNa be a cinema Taga. We can't teach you a cinematography specific stream. It was much more of a A Meta film school. That was more about Criticism and you know it was associated with hoping to find out school so they simply didn't have the tools to teach me technique. I needed to learn so it was an agreement between both of us and they are answered. The time was like listen. You need to discard join the industry which which is was then served me the only way forward to become listen in New Zealand at the time. Nigel was that a tough. Call for you to say you know what I could do this without degree. I don't need school to get where I WANNA be. No it wasn't. It was frustrated a little bit with the school at the time. And I've been there for a couple years and it seemed like exciting to go during the real world and I wouldn't have load magazines so it was. It was time the time it was fine and I have no regrets looking back. You know. It's I'm not dissing foam. Schools folk schools are incredibly places. In fact I went to the Australian After that film school because it was specific to cinematography but I think the schools are the ticket you get out of it agree or whatever. It doesn't really mean much. It's the experience of a narrative thinking film living breathing film being rounded making mistakes. That's welcome schools. And I have to believe Nigel. Things like the report you had with your father and his love of cinema and how that kind of transcended to you I have to believe that also had an impact on where you are today. It was always fung love of movies rather than a love whole photography. More importantly announce a combination of two and. I don't know if he's still with us or not. Niger but did your dad grow to see how successful you became your accomplishments. Everything you've achieved in life. Yeah Almond data. Solar added love a actually went back in time this year. For Christmas there was a screening of peanut butter Falcon at the little village that we live in a house in New Zealand. So early lovely time to bring it back and share. The local people in impact audience and everyone was very excited. So yeah it's it's it's it's it's lovely to Ivan they're on. I'm proud to Sharm suffering growth. Get to make stuff. Your Dad's love a film aside. Nigel the fact that you know. His son has become so successful and achieved so much. I mean that has to add so much to his already standing love for movies and cinema etc humour is yet years he loves and I'm very proud to be able to share. My sister's also direct a by left sharing that with him so clearly in your life. You've you've made tons of sacrifices commitments. You know dealing with hardships really kind of putting yourself out there whether it's dropping out of film school or sacrifices being away from family for long periods of time that I'll certainly has to add up. Nigel is there a way to handle deal with manage those sacrifices so it doesn't really weigh on people in the long run? Weigh on you when loved ones in your life too. I think are more privileged than a sacrifice whenever I have the privileged to work on something that I'm passionate about. That is that is amazing. I'm the sacrifices don't so much that the difficulty with the lifestyle to be honest this is making choices and putting yourself in a place where you can afford to make choices. And sometimes that's easy sometimes. It's not as easy especially now. I have a family. It's it's tougher. Detained things down but that is the for me. Is the secret to to to to being a full stock and can believe in work is that you have your -tunities to do the things we want to inhibit. You have saved US off. Open away that you had the opportunity to turn things you don't want to do down because Biz nothing worse than doing things you don't you don't passionate about. I've always had the privilege of doing this passionate place it's never been like. Oh I'm GONNA work now. You're so it's it's Anita feels like I'm GonNa Work of a day. It's it's just it's what I wanted to choice maiden and I think that's a healthy thing which making films is not high is not easy and needs to be able to wake up every morning inside Anyone do this Les Han Solo to do the best job possible. And that's why even went around to expes so this whole there is literally. I really love your comments on passion. Nigel because I see that all the time in the podcasting world or people trying to be something. They're not. Is there a movie or an actor that did it for you? We talked about Your Dad's passion. Was there that type of movie actor for you. It's a law of movies in a lot of people but the standout from as well as tune. Blacktop been tablets Correctly Y on. It was something about seeing that movie that time when I was about thirteen It was it was. It was a simple phone. It was elegant foam. The story was very simple. Skase but enough and those meditation to it just didn't feel like a regular American film. It felt like an Italian film. Which should sort of course MONTIEL's making this Spaghetti Westerns? And this is at that time and yet there's something about the simplicity clarity the study of and the the space in that avoid been really attracted to. I'm I'm very attracted to these stalls. Foams are and nets. That's really what I want to make thumbs with spice in time that have a major elements Humanity people on. And that's that's one of those. You Know Nigel as I look at. Your filmography Lord of the Rings True Detective. Two different seasons The unbelievably awesome The peanut butter Falcon. But when is the moment that comes for Nigel where you were you realize you know what I've made it at? Maybe after completing a certain. Was there a certain project you completed where you know the realization comes to you know what? I'm pretty good at this. I I could do this for a living. I mean the first film. I shot which was very young. I did Stick Mamie plays was at once the most difficult thing most hiring for the done but it was the most rewarding in wonderful in that was just feeling that existed in every day and challenged Wasn't right feeling and Amid repeated since I think that's just the first Things new every tax for hangers new in its unconquerable Today the more who make the issue of easier gets my vote. But that's some garment profoundly me and I kinda missed exhaustion. Sometimes when it comes back after a tough day will solve metallocenes. What then I I do. Welcome and embrace

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