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I'd like to welcome to the show. Zach and Leah from Peregrination Dash Travel Dot com and the peregrination YouTube channel. Who HAVE COME TO TALK TO US About Yunan? China Zach and Leah? Welcome to the show. Thank you so much for having us. We are so excited to be here and I have to get you to explain the term peregrination because it is not a term that I knew but I like it now. That told me what it means. So peregrination is the Latin word for a long or meandering journey. And that's the type of journey we are on and the Pasadena Twenty countries and we are currently in Antarctica so we have actually done a show about McMurdo base in Antarctica. We have never done a show from McMurdo base in Antarctica. Which is where we are doing this show from. But we're not talking about. You'll have to go listen to that show if you want that. So why are we talking about you? Not Well you're not is such a unique section of China that really has not been the main focus of any tourism in China up until the last ten years or so so it's a very unique separate section of the country that has a lot to offer and mainly it has a lot of beautiful scenery that is worth seeing indefinitely worth going to excellent and we have done a show about Yunan before. But it's been at least six eight years since we did a show on that region. Can you put this region on a map for us? So if you are looking at China it's in these southwestern region. China is a very large country as we know It's bordering Vietnam in house. We're learning which one of us the geographer aren't we excellent? And what are you gonNA lay out for us? It's basically a trip from the big city of could make all the way into the mountains and back to Kunming using may differ transportations in seeing things on the ancient tea horse trail as well as things that are brand new in on the innovative side of China will. Let's get to it in somebody till you started in Kunming. We'll start conveying. You'll probably fly in. We had to take a bus in from Vietnam and that worked out pretty well. We walked across the border and took a couple of buses. It took about six hours from there. But this podcast is focused on the two week trip. So you'll probably want to fly into Kunming. Their airport is very large. It's a brand new airport. It's only been there for six years. It's one of the fifty busiest airports in the world. I've no trouble getting air routes all throughout Southeast Asia and it's very accessible for many many different places. I remember a few years back when China went to build a hundred different airports in cities with more than a million population and I don't think I'd heard of any of them. There are a lot of people in China and there's a lot of new airports that they've built in so I'm surprised. It's one of the fifty busiest in the world. But only a little I know could mean itself. It already has six million people. It's a very large city with lots to offer but as we said before it has beautiful scenery even though it's such a sprawling city now they call it the sixty of eternal spring because the temperature is absolutely beautiful all the time and so much you can do in C. inexperienced there too. Is it in the lowlands still? It is six thousand feet level. Okay it is starting to get up there okay. Yeah and technically in the region. It's in the lowlands. I guess you could say because on the western side there's that bridge which it's gigantic as the Himalayas determined easy to get around the city also so but in the last few years. They've been working on the Kunming Rail Transit which just recently they completed most of. I think they're still working on a few sections of it but this makes traveling around the city ridiculously easy and at most. I think we spent one. Us dollar each other trip. So it's very affordable which is definitely a bonus if you're on a budget or if you're not still good so when staying in Kunming we recommend staying closer to the subway line because it makes it so much easier to get around and what's cool is that it has a lake nearby and it's not just it's city by itself and you can expect what you expect from all cities that it has a lot of good food. It has interesting architecture and has an old town has the new sprawling town but it also has cool interesting things like the world's biggest flower market in the southern region called the down man flower market. We took the sub or the metro. They're in it took about twenty minutes and then another ten minute walk but it makes everything so accessible. It's an easy place to travel once you get there the little out of the way to get there but when you get there it's really easy to navigate. And what are you going to recommend that we do while we're in the city itself? Well there's a few things we did which we really really enjoyed. The University district is an interesting place to be. If you've never been to China it's a brand experience for you just because Chinese culture. They're so active. So if you go to a regular park in specifically we're talking about Green Lake Park near the university district they have so many people out dancing in groups doing exercise routines you see families. You are being stopped on the street. Because they've never seen a Westerner. It's an interesting thing to experience. Also the flower market annually. They cut in south four point. One billion stems ridiculous number of flowers. We went there one day. Be should've gone when it was during the peak hours like at three. Am but we got there a little bit later and it was still just absolutely packed with flowers and women cutting flowers. Making flour crowns also really cool river walk which is free and it takes you through the new downtown or the more sprawling city area. The huge high-rises. It's going to the old town. Also it's relatively close to the newer section but you're able to see the rapid changes in architecture in the standard of living that this city has been going through within the past thirty years. It's so evident while this city was probably so small thirty years ago and it has blown up the back they got a huge airport really helps also in the metro and the new high speed rail system. There's a lot going on and it's important also touch on the cuisine. So Union Zine is very interesting. It's it's much different than the other parts of China. It is said to be generalized as more simple and less spicy but there are plenty of restaurants that incorporate this Hunan cuisine I'm making air quotes right now. Because it's hard to generalize what it is because it's it's made up of twenty six mountain tribes different types of cooking in its this huge melting pot of different flavors. Walk around find some street food. Enjoy THE CITY ENJOY. Old Town see the new architecture and enjoy the people around you street food. Is there a particular street food that you found there? The two enjoyed? Yeah so there is an interesting kind of cheese that they loved to preparing cheese isn't really something you think about. When you think of Chinese cuisine God at all yeah exactly. It's like something that even Chinese people are like. This is weird way. You were you eating that. Yeah Yeah exactly. It's a type of goat cheese. It's different than the goat cheese that you and I are more familiar with this ferry leathery sour almost hard textural cheese that they prepare sheets so they let it lay out in the sun and Harden almost taste almost like a pro vallone Interesting tangy flavor to it. They'll put it on sticks in the grill it cover it in a suite date sauce or or sugar over top of it or it can be sauteed in simple also simple flavors like tomatoes or onions interesting base flavor for different toppings Everywhere I mean you'll find it everywhere and also rose pastries you don't think about eating flowers. Most the time but fitting that rose pastries exist in the city of eternal. Spring is the biggest flower market in the country. Also in the same city. So rose pastries in strange leathery goat. Cheese would have to be our top to

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