Why is Aung San Suu Kyi at the International Court of Justice


Awarding someone the Nobel Prize for peace is always tempting. Fate saw cha the vagaries of human affairs. Yesterday's warmonger is tomorrow's peacemaker and vice versa. That it's not really the Norwegian Nobel Committees Fault when Pulse Charity Makes Mockery of some of their judgements. When you give a piece Gong to someone like Henry Kissinger oh Yasser Arafat? It's just a risk you run. And it is nevertheless startling to see an actual Nobel peace laureate appearing at the International Court of Justice in The Hague to defend the government they lead against allegations of genocide. It's pretty much the one thing that isn't supposed to happen. History had given us the opportunity to give up our best just for a cause in which we believed when the Nobel Committee chose to honor me. The road had chosen of my own free will aw became less lonely path to follow sang suci daughter of the founder of modern Myanmar Aung San and a formidable politician diplomat and and activist in her own. Right won the Nobel Peace Prize in Nineteen ninety-one at the time she was rivaled only by Nelson Mandela as a universally admired Royat. Avatar of all. That was good displaying exemplary courage in resisting. All that was bad. She led the National League for Democracy as it faced down only terrifying and ruthless military GIONTA which had turned Myanma into North Korea with Palm. Trees saying SUCI spent most of the period between Nineteen nineteen ninety nine and two thousand and ten under house arrest. She was a hero aside from the Nobel Peace Prize. She was awarded the Sakharov Prize. US Congressional Channel Gold Medal and Presidential Medal of freedom an honorary order of Australia. Honorary Citizenship of Canada and Amnesty International's ambassador of conscience since award. Luke pestle made a film about her. U2 wrote a song about and in time she triumphed the NLD won a landslide election victory in two thousand and fifteen though denied the presidency on a technicality. She became state councillor effectively. Myanmar's prime minister it. It was hailed worldwide as a victory for decency determination and patience and now she's denying that she is some kind of an accessory to crimes against humanity he sang Succi has been fair to say on a journey. These ban mind this complex situation and the challenge to sovereignty and security already in our country when you're assessing the intent of those who attempted to deal with the rebellion. Surely under the circumstances genocidal decider intent cannot be only hypothesis loan and it is important to be clear that while Aung Sang. SUCCI is in The Hague. She is not in the dark. She is appearing voluntarily and has not been charged with any crime the allegation before the ICJ EJ is against her country. Not Her the case has been brought by the Gambia. Backed by the fifty-seven members of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation Asian a coterie which includes several nations who might want to pause before mounting their high horses where human rights are concerned. The allegation is essentially essentially that Myanmar's recent persecution of the Hindu people Myanmar's Muslim minority. Who lived mostly in the country's raccoon state amounts to genocide this? This is a term with specific legal meanings and it will be for the court to determine if events in Myanmar meet the threshold. What is known is bad enough? Enough since two thousand and sixteen perhaps a million ranger have fled Myanmar mostly to neighboring Bangladesh journalists NGOs and the UN win have reported a consistent pattern of atrocious violence much of it directed at civilians not excluding children Myanmar's military known as has the top Madore have consistently claimed that they are waging a counter insurgency against Islamist terrorists though Sang Suci does not directly command the Tatmadaw. Aw this is also the line that she has held. The most sympathetic imaginable interpretation of aren't sang Suu Cheese behavior. And it's a reach is that that she is still in some respects the prisoner of the same military which once held her under house arrest. She may have calculated. This is a compromise. She has to to make to maintain such democracy as me unmanned now has that if she takes hold in the military the military will once again take charge of the country. This is a question unlikely to interest the hundreds of thousands over hinge in now wondering if they'll ever be able to go home again and they of course are the ones who have have survived the Tatmadaw's pogroms justice for the victims. If it is coming at all maybe years away

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