Why do some people love cruising so much?

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So let's talk about cruising there's a huge upwards of thirty million Leeann people this year are going to cruise. It is definitely a subculture. Why do people love cruising so much? It's not really a subculture. What happens is someone takes it's a cruise and in they cruise on the right experience for them they become cruisers for life So it's not a subculture. Yeah is actually everyone. Yeah could be cruisers for life if they cruise in the first place so under penetrated in every market in the world. And we're GONNA be under penetrated us one point four billion estimated travelers year. Half a billion vacationers a year in the world thirty million cruisers so really small part of the market all the cruise ships added together at Upton less than two percent of hotel rooms in the world one of every two people cruise with us. So we don't even consider all the cruise lines as competitors because I we're gonNA chase the other one percent and we're gonNA chase the ninety eight percent. Yeah it's not that as cruises for certain types of people is that there's a certain cruise for every person if you're with a bunch of college friends different way the kids with you a different one different destinations. If you're dying to go to eighty that's GonNa be a certain choice but the reality is at any moment in time there's a Reich cruise experience for what you're looking for Socialization Fun Excursion Adventure. Sure whatever it might be and if you get that experience in that moment you're looking for it you realize cruises just the best way to travel all right just a quick update from your perspective have on the heels of Hurricane Dorian that ravaged the Bahamas. How are the Bahamas you know the Bahamian people are extremely resilient we have a lot of operations in Grand Bahama almost wish was hit by during we have a shipyard there we have a new project? We're building a new destination there. That's GonNa Continue. The shipyard is up and running not only is up and running but while also providing technical support and manpower to help get the water system you know for the area for the general population reinstituted and we're also helping with the hospital spill to get the hospital up and running but the shipyard is already backed up. We have private islands there. We have a destination throughout the Caribbean but to private islands and the Bahamas Half Moon Cay and princess key. Both of those are up and Robin already and we have another project a new project we have one in half moon cay well established but a new one. We're GONNA continue with that so we see a good recovery. Our job is to bring commerce to help that recovery accelerate and then the provide the support that that we can through that and through the rest of the community

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