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Star Wars the rise of sky Walker opens in theaters tomorrow the third and final film in the latest Star Wars trilogy the end of the road in so many ways for Star Wars especially for this storyline involving Luke Skywalker which all started with the first Star Wars movie back in nineteen seventy seven which I guess in terms of the Star Wars story is actually the fourth chapter and if you find that a little bit confusing you probably still have absorb some of the famous lines from the movies like use the force or do or do not there is no try or Luke I am your father which I know I know the line is actually no I am your father you can tell I'm sort of like walking a tight rope today because I feel like I have two of the greatest Star Wars fans in front of me right now but outside of that JJ Abrams is the director of the rise of sky Walker and just imagine that kind of pressure he's got the tough job of bringing it all in for a landing as I mentioned chasing Garber and Kathleen Newman remaining they went to a special preview screening of Star Wars yesterday before virtually anybody else they're here live in the studio dying to tell you all about it hello my friends Hey how's it going I feel like I said I don't have any good Star Wars greetings is there a good star was greeting hi yeah Jason is wearing a full tee shirts and has the charger beings Baba bobble head well the characters where's your yak give anything Kathleen you know and it's all in my heart something deep down yeah the forces in me so let's talk about this you get a chance to go to the press screening for the new Star Wars yesterday you guys go to these things all the time dozens even a week Jason where even the jaded film critics of Toronto a little bit excited to see Star Wars I mean look everybody's little **** it only comes of this but I think this is actually pretty good to go into this film with a certain level of trepidation I think that if we go in sort of too excited him to sort of objectivity we should be open to its terms I think that a lot of the film critics don't Nestle do that all the time but I think that most people when I'm with the appropriate level of a mix of objectivity in slate excitement of their there for an event Kevin were you excited I was very excited I got there a little bit later than Jason and I felt a little bit of the excitement but once the movie started it was dead silent like this is not a spoiler but when Landau courtesy and gets on screen for the first time Billy Dee Williams I lost my mind and everyone else is like silent which is what it's about which is a huge advantage I mean that like obviously leasing again with public and this is very much I mean it's like man to man the phones at Taft if you see them press for him to kind of a miserable experience you just have to get used to that but a film like this if you're ever going to see this movie theater on the big screen the because you can with an audience to get in the indictment so let's do it I can tell you I can hear you yelling your radio right now Jason I'll start with you Star Wars the rise of sky Walker how was fine suddenly I called the crime you went on Twitter for those over and it look let's let's be one hundred percent clear this is kind of the second and a half ending we've had we had returned the jet I which ended everything and we had episode three which was supposed to end everything Lucas's and then kind of the last job I had a great ending it's like the work done that of those you should go see it I'm not going to worry about it was the last movie that the the universe was going to be bigger and that we weren't going to be focused on the small story and then within us there was the whole notion that the myth of Scott Walker would continue as you see the kids playing with action figure and the kid who picks up the broom with a force you realize that this is not something that's patcher or matrilineal that is going to be bigger than this one little family we did have a question that comes by way remember these characters you really left we're gonna bring those back and focus entirely on that I'll make the story in some ways smaller so it's galactic in scope and yet smaller narrative scope and that is it's doing what it's supposed to do he was hired to do a job which the cap off this saga and it does it and it's fine but that makes it a little bit less interesting a commitment let's get into that in a second Jason says fine Kathleen I mean I think shockingly Jason I kind of agree here I'm I liked it I was very entertained I had a good time even with the jaded critics who were not like matching my energy level I agree that it's not great there is a fine as to what I do think that there's there's a little bit of like a course correction and that they seem to be doing with the last chat I so yeah he JJ made the world a little smaller and really abandon some of the really interesting stuff that Ryan Johnson had set up in the last chat I which is frustrating and makes it not a great movie I think he was trying to please everybody and trying to please those fans that were so upset at the last I and in doing that the narrative suffered and it's also just trying to be a lot try to be a lot of things to a lot of people and then I think it is in any of those things to anybody for example are two foot to a deep in the weeds and lord knows I cut but the way the blade of grass scene six so when I saw the fact that was not mentioned I'm a little upset and the deal is that let people think that this was structured that they knew exactly we're gonna beat I mean they always talk about Lucas having these twelve movie idea sort of written out for some of these are complete stripped away from looks as vision bat that goes without saying but what happened was JJ wrote the the force awakens as an empty are there was no ending there's going to jail just fantastic to look at openings right everybody knows that what has what he's really good at is setting the stage not traded endings hi everyone also knows self admittedly I mean he got in all those interviews actually talks about how this was going to be real tons of room because then he never was supposed to direct the film right other directions where involved actually like a so the deal is that when he wrote the first film they didn't know where it was going to go and it was one of those hand off it's like I'm going to set up the stage hand it off to you and you're going to finish this the second verse of the song that's what Ryan Johnson does run Johnson took all these ingredients and did something for many of us super interesting in super a complex and did essentially ministry talked about what is it to be found the end of of the force awakens is ray handing a lightsaber Luke Skywalker legally saying let's go and the opening shot of last chat I is illuminated at one yeah the last film the film after that episode eight is Luke Skywalker take fully superimposed over shoulder in other words I've been handing off the story to you and Ryan's first thing he does like let's not worry about this story that's not the interesting thing the interesting thing is getting into the nature the metaphysics of the deeper stuff but the force this film goes okay I can't remember the last thing you said okay we're not going to worry as much about this stuff remember these characters you're like let's get him together with all gonna be the same ship they're all gonna gonna ventures together but I want to point out the Kathy when you say that JJ Abrams who has had the incredibly unenviable task of trying to finish Star Wars trying to and Star Wars I I want to really highlight there that is an unenviable task it's even if you're not great even if you're amazing endings try ending the greatest film franchise in history so how does it do Kathleen as an ending to the Star Wars story that we now I mean I thought it was satisfying it's an it's an ending and it answers a lot of questions and as we know Los fans I feel you like we know that change is not answering questions and doing and ray yam asset is flying in and I think that this is just whether you like this ending and the answers that they give you but they give you answers and they give you a very definitive ending and you know some people already have set hi stag JJ Abrams is over party was trending on Twitter yeah it's I mean no one's gonna be happy about anything but I think that he did a good enough job I was entertained and it is it like a nice wrapped up and is it is no one going to be happy with this look at there's always gonna be people upset about this because we care right through well for lots and lots of reasons to ours is pretty fundamental to popular culture and the people have a vested interest and they have in a typical fan communities not everybody but a very vocal minority believes they have ownership over these characters and when they want things to go at a certain way this feeling as for this film actually goes towards a certain direction of giving them what they want and then they end up not wanting what they will think that they wanted that's one thing but I will say that these two fundamental things about changing his his course one lens flares you dialed the heck down with one foot above is one thing I'm like okay I I love that you love letters was god bless you but there's a big thing is he's a red herring you talk about lost as he's a guy who like put a shark and have a logo on a shark and they only got this has to mean something smoke monster has to mean something that's just his step he's trying to trick you a little bit and this film would be much more interesting of those red herrings were not red herrings but actually things that happened so what happens is he consistently in this film gives you something and it's one of those moments the other two phones have moms like oh my god you can do that all my god you can shoot a laser blast haven't hang in the air that's kind of cool all my god you can take a ship and light speed through another ship I never thought you could do that and this film every moment but there was like oh my god that's don't know let's start back that isn't what you think it was ha ha ha I'd something I went I was gonna say second I was going to say that I thought that was but it was it was actually the opposite of this but it makes me really excited to watch it to figure out what the red hearings are and and or not yeah that's not as well as a good teams but I will say that some of those those on inspiring moments that you felt like we're missing I felt them I felt like I was a kid again watching some of this these action sequences and some of that the lights ever seen her so beautiful and big and yeah will transfer to transport you back to your child because I was going to ask if we what we talked a little bit I should stress to set this up by the way I'm I'm speaking which is a corporate Cathy Newman remaining ever talk about the new Star Wars movie rise of Scott Walker what to do right I think the cast is so strong and I think that Jason alluded to it but putting them together like you've got Oscar Isaac daisy Ridley and John by a guy as fan PO and ray and they're together for most of the film and that is a

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