Fiat Chrysler and Peugeot agree to merge in giant auto deal


Chrysler and Peugeot makers among them dodge ram jeep and Alfa Romeo's well as Peugeot situation an Opel have announced the final terms of their merger. A company were fifty billion in dollars. The number four carmaker buy cars sold in the world which is big. But let's get back to that making money thing shall we the automaking business right now. Now is expensive. You gotTA figure out electric self-driving for starters but car sales are lukewarm and more people are sharing cars. Every day so profits fits marketplace's Mitchell Hartman gets going. Consumer demand for autos is soft from North America to Europe to China. They're global trade tensions since and says Garrett Nelson CF RA research. Automakers are really looking for a way to increase their scale to share the enormous cost associated. Did it with electric and autonomous vehicle. Carmakers now have to make massive investments in research and development and engineers says Carla Baillaud at the Center for Automotive Research to produce for both the current and future market an internal combustion engine many times hybrid and now many any customers are demanding a pure electric. Then there's the vehicle of the future is brain. The software says Ned Hill at the Ohio Manufacturing Institute. A two and that's the autonomous driving systems. There's no vehicle brand the wants to give all that money to Google or apple and in the future. A lot of people may not even buy cars Carla. Bela says the whole industry is moving toward usership rather than ownership with fleets of electric an in autonomous vehicles shared. Or least I think nobody knows right now. Really if they're gonNA be profitable with these new business models we certainly haven't seen many of the Guarda be profitable yet. There is one potential bright spot with this shift to to non fossil fuel combustion engines and non human driver's says David did wisden at Morningstar. I do think there's potential for better margins at least for the firms that survive in the New Paradigm on electric vehicle has a lot fewer parts arch meaning the cost of materials and labor. Should eventually go down leaving more money in the pockets of

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