Harry and Meghan are moving to Canada. What does this mean for everything?

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Well it's official. Royal couple will be moving to Canada. Prince Harry and Meghan dropped a royal bombshell last week. The couple took to social media to announce their stepping back from senior royal duties. The Palace wasn't impressed in the queen called an emergency crisis meeting to figure out next steps ups of a Queen calling the discussions constructive adding she supportive of Harry and Megan's desire to be a young independent family. She also confirmed that Harry and Meghan again. We'll be living in Canada. This as you'll hear from our guest today is huge. Half in half out. It's never been done before. So what's what's behind the move. What are Harry Megan's plans for their time in Canada? What does this mean for their future? And what does this mean for the future of the monarchy and I'm Claire Broussard. In for Jordan Heath Rawlings and this is the Big Story Patricia Treble double of royalty dot com is the royal contributor for Maclean's I patricia locally. So tell me about the moments that set all of this In motion the big announcement. Well the big announcement came on the eighth of January It was after six o'clock London time so all the palace officials officials that everyone had gone home right. They were or leaving or they're in transit and Harry and Meghan sent out what they called a personal message using the work medications patients so I got an email like all other royal reporters who are on that system. They also put it on their instagram account. And everything like that and basically saying they are stepping away from their roles as senior royals which came as a bit of a surprise to a lot of people because further reporting shows that while the he baby talking about reimagining their roles and changing the roles and maybe kind of stepping back from some duties the Queen had very explicitly said to Harry. Please don't do anything public until we settled this out. And they went ahead and by all accounts gave his brother Prince William and his father Prince Charles ten minutes notice so it was a done deal so they have basically basically launch themselves into the great known royal wise and I mean you follow royals for a living. What was your first reaction? My first reaction was in my jaw dropped and I picked it up ice. I forward that email onto my editors with Eight engine like you know those those red fire engines a survey. This is huge breaking news breaking news. It was jaw dropping because it was. It is so unusual You know we've not ever moved. Never had a senior royal stepping away from their duties like this before and it was also very personal for royal watchers. We could kind of see this coming. We knew that there was a change calming and it wasn't just with them taking six weeks off at the end of last year. It was even before that if you go back you know to the previous months when they were in southern Africa and they gave that incredibly emotional Raw interview to documentary. Puerta who's one one of their friends. Tim Bradley Tom Brady. And they talked about how Harry talked about how he basically really doesn't like the press at all. I mean every click reminds him if a mother And if you looked at Meghan you know she was clearly under pressure. She was struggling in the role and she kept talking about how it it wasn't enough to just survive. You have to thrive as you knew there was going to be a change and even then if you would go even further back though there these little telltale signs and one of the big ones for royal watchers when you Kinda look at it is in the sound so simple you know or not even obvious but it's that they have not gone to Balmoral which is the summer vacation spot of the Queen? The queen goes up there for a few months every year Late summer early autumn and all her family come visit in the years to come for about a week the roll through. You know it's not like everyone comes for the same week and they roll through and they go hiking and they do all sorts of stuff and she loves having her family around her. I mean it's the same like at Christmas. She likes to have her extended family gathering together. You know she's ninety-three she's always done. This is very much her thing and for the last two years. They begged off by immoral. They have not gone. And that's kind of one of those little signs that all was not well. That all was not settling in as well as everyone had hoped she would. So what was the reaction from Buckingham Palace. The reaction from Buckingham Palace was astonishing. Because about two hours later there was this to sentence sentence. Missive that basically said Oh cut cut cut cut cut through all the the the niceties like. Oh Oh my oh. Oh my my We need to think about this. This is all really complicated. Oh my basically that's what it is and you could see that. They were clearly caught off guard and they are making no bones about the fact that they were caught off guard by what Harry. Megan did and it wasn't just the message alone. You know saying you know. They want a balance you know their their time. Between the United Kingdom in North America they want a balanced their their private life their family life with duty you know and they kept talking about how they want to clam rate with the Queen and honor our duty to McQueen McConnell and everything like that but it was at the same time. They launched a website Sussex and that's their brain and it was the Sussex Royal Dot Com. If you you looked at it it was all loaded with this incredibly sophisticated website with all their thoughts about the financing. How they're going to finance themselves? They're talking about financial independence and and it talks about the Commonwealth. Every like that so this was not a sun thing. This was not just ended. This was planned. They had been working on this for a very very longtime and why exactly they lost. Shit this point likely because You know his thoughts you know his preliminary thoughts about the spending more time in Canada or spending more time away had made the press There was a story in the sun the day before and they just thought. Let's just go for it but they didn't tell. Oh Granny Yeah and speaking of the press. We've seen so many examples lately of different headlines for Kate and Megan. I mean there's time they're doing both the exact same thing at the headlines ends for. Kate can be positive and cheery and the headlines for Meghan can sometimes be pretty nasty What is that all about? Do you think that could be behind Harry and Megan's decision to leave so I've talked about this and I actually. I went into a certain depth. I got a backup to say that The tabloids in Britain The present Britain is just a whole whole different beast from what we're used to. I mean you must understand that And the other thing is you've got this differentiation between the print side and the online side right there that you don't have here so it's a again a very different beast and so if you're looking at something like Daily Mail they will take a story and they will slice it fifty eight ways to Sunday And they'll have fifty eight little stories and all with click bait headlines and stuff like that because that's what they're doing they they want you to click on the article. They want you to read the article. So the more extreme stream the headline the more the more they can talk and spin something they will do it and that is it standard over there and so what what happens is unfortunately making his the first person to marry into the raw family in the social media world and in the first world of this new type of journalism this online you know take tiny little snippet like there was a snippet about a Canadian billionaire. Somebody reported Canadian. Billionaire was the one who loans them his his his house in Vancouver island instantly. That story was everywhere they did all this thing about. Here's this guy. Here's his relationship to Clinton did a and then he goes on twitter and goes no. Oh that's I don't have a house here. I have no communications. This is completely false but by then that story everywhere and unfortunately what happens. Is You get these stories. So you'll get you know. Kate looks fabulous and green. Megan looks pattern green. But then you'll get. Kit Looks Fabulous in Green. Kate looks bad and green. Kate looks good white. Why is Kate wearing white again? You got these stories endlessly and the issue is that what a lot of people in you know when you become famous one of the first things everyone advises. You don't don't read the press. Yeah don't read the press. There is so much bad. Press out there and it is talked and often it is wrong and often it is inflamed and we're not talking the mainstream media. We're not talking the royal correspondence and things like that. We're talking about just the just the amorphous stuff that you everyone finds online and it's clear that they are reading the press and they're getting more upset and I would be because a lot of the stuff is they'll take a little nugget of information and spin it but at the same time they were getting upset about things that approve true. So Harry a Meghan. Were really upset about that. They were splitting from William and Kate and forming their own charity. That turned out to be true. They were upset because you know there were reports that make an Harry. Were churning through staff. That was true that they were that they were leaving. The Kensington Palace compound. That was true. You you know that. They jetted off repeatedly on private jets in the middle of summer while also talking up environmental causes. That's true so you know you're putting yourself in the public. I you have to expect criticism. Some of it is going to be unbelievably wrong and some of it is going to be legitimate. And it's a matter of balancing that out. What what does it mean really to step away from the family like officially will Harry still be Prince and Megan still be a duchess who the heck no really really? We don't even know this is this. Is this the mystery. We don't really know what this is GonNa mean what the few their future is. But you can make you could start to finding the tea. Leaves parsing royal statements is an art form. That a lot of us a figured out. Okay and so if you look at the statement after everyone met at Sandringham to talk about this The Queen issued a statement on January thirteenth. And it she talked about how it was incredibly emotional It was a very personal message. The Queen does not do you. Emotion like this not in public right Not Her thing. Form a woman formal generation. This is simply not. It is not for her to do it for other the generations to do. You'll get Charles everyone. Hugging people not going But if you look at it she she you she talks about Harry and Meghan. You know she doesn't talk about conductress Sussex. She talks about family eight times and she says that they will quote remain a valued part of my family But it's clear she says we. We wanted them to say fulltime royal working. They're not going to valued member of my family. I think what that means is that they are. They're not going to be doing official duties. I think that that is pretty much sending out the signal that if they want to go into commercial ventures which it looks as though they do to take the Sussex Royal brand global all that is simply incompatible with royal duties. Because you've got that conflict of interest because are you doing something because somebody's paying you to do it or you doing something something. Because you're supporting the crown and remember official royal duties and those are the ones that are in the court circular. You're doing this in support of the monarch and the monarchy. You're not doing it for yourself. It is very much support of her. You're aiding her so I think they're going to be all out but there are still her

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