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And welcome to the coaches plant. PODCAST with Zek podcast. Four coaches by coaches Brussel part bikes. The future of Canada and the National Certification Program. Hello welcome everyone. We're joined in the studio today. By Myself Ashley our host and our co the host phoned. Miraculously he agreed to come back and help me for a second running well either way. I'm very happy to have you here. Especially after we spent the last hour and twenty minutes trying to get the microphone setup properly learning curve here at coach runs and today we are joined by a special guest Joe Blanchard from I'll say from boxing New Brunswick but he has coached with many other clubs as well we're GONNA get into that in a little moment But so with season two of our podcast. I really wanted to Take a moment to recognize a lot of the really cool work being done by coaches in New Brunswick back and so I thought this season is the season for me to to really reach out. Talk to some of our local coaches and the cool stories of Of Our homegrown. Heroes US absolutely so Joe Mil- you introduce yourself a little bit and then And then I have some questions for you doc. Blanchard head coach for bucks you save work with many athletes province. Honor Awesome so so joe I sent you an email earlier last week I really wanted to talk to you in the season because You did something incredibly cool. In the past year working with Charlie Kavanagh to turn her into a world champion And and through a little would've digging into into boxing's history in New Brunswick we actually have like a like a pretty decent reputation of producing some pretty cool athletes. What like what's in the water what do you think is is it about New Brunswick that has the ability to turn out these amazing athletes in boxing not our population to ideals are reading our ability to put the work in always always recognize? You were expected to come in the later part of the pack has we achieve national level. We we do after work for so I feel that all of our athletes. Charlie just know that that extra piece of work needed and they do that. In Cardio is is inaccurate. They bring to the table something else that other provinces they might be a little more privileged additional competitions. They lose the peace of right I can. I can definitely appreciate an underdog story and especially in a sport like boxing. So so because you guys. Don't get as many competitions. What do you guys have to do to kind of overcome that like do more travel involved is had like? How do you jump those hurdles battles a lot of now especially entirely in the beginning? You're able to give local competition to achieve your first five to ten But after that. Now you're you're listening to achieve the next level of experience and for us. It's quite quickly. So we started trips to Puerto Rico. It goes Sweden Germany wherever the competition is Training we have to seek an annual training camp that we go to the last year that's very cool And so Sorry I don't know a lot about boxing. I actually recently joined like a recreational boxing class which is Super Fun by the way but which like witter witter the. What are the big like heavy? Sorry I'm GonNa have so many puns in this episode like which which country are the heavy hitters in this sport. Uh good most records quickly by Russia's Cuban teams These are Goran. This it has become a very strong opposition. Great Britain's always taught in a strong as well but again we're pretty even par with The Asian continental teams. They bring a lot of typical divorce. But again we're starting to find ways to get through their pursue their dead right. So there's there's a lot of competition in the sport well cool and so how does how candidate normally fared at this type of International Competition Mia but my next question stole it from you eh done. Well we've we've metals we've made podium But we've never retained gold for especially female at any world competition. OPTICIANS verse for that. Oh well hold. On particularly with our level of competition competing against we always just seemed to be again just inflate disadvantage comes back to funding and not level and that that's right and so so what is it like. Was it Charlie herself like is. I know I've worked with some pretty phenomenal athletes that you when you start working with them. You just know like this kid is going somewhere. What was it like when you first met Charlie Where was she at right? And then what did it take to bring it up to a world champion. I know that's a big question. We'll let you try in unpacked. They've been Charlie came to the gym dance and leave it or not. Oh Hm overweight sports to help her get get into shape cheapest her father Jimmy Pass for many years so she came through without any experience just four years ago. Wow in that time has filed almost thirty four losses really working off the author aww identifiable entirely the actual team and some of the other athlete. Either we're willing to put the time in or they weren't blessed with natural which is harsh and skills specializing amazing while completely I wasn't expecting that like Origin Story. That's cool for years to a world champion. That's is a pretty cool story. Yeah and so what was her. What was her first fight like then yes? She was very nervous all behind her and she bought a girl that came with a bit of a reputation already with only two but she's not to be quite town also charging pretty nervous. Didn't know what some stacks She took her nerves to the ring and laid right off the start off easily with a good skill set that adds was recognized by many legends. That were in a canyon that night. Oh that's got to be such a cool feeling especially for you. As as her coach who worked with her and kind of helped pass those skills on. That's that's that's incredible. And and so what was it like on the on the day of her role champion fight was it that same kind of nerves serves bringing that forward or what what we're dealing with the different The level of Oh expectation is not just now from A hometown crowd behind you now. The whole country is there and on a young athletes that's accidental. That's something that's very hard to prepare for it and there was no real preparation almost We'll have to deal with it as we as we see. It's Athlete athlete that we were competing against that. We had a very good ice itchy of what they brought the place. We did a lot of research on that athlete so we knew we needed. Did you get the job done number Bachelor Charlie. Obviously Mary cool very cool. And so I'm gonNA switch gears just a little bit. So we've talked quite a bit about Charlie But but what about you. How did you get into coaching? And how did you basically get right to the point where you were felt comfortable taking someone to the World Championships environment for athletes. As you're growing yourself. So it was not transitioned. Once I was done competing from athlete to coach I'd already established avid stack comfortable language with with other athletes. I identified some good mentors over the years who I wanted to model my coaching Dial after so I really felt comfortable again with Transition piece I feel a lot of coaches and our sport of boxing. David things uh-huh cool and Can you think of any of of any mentors Either at the St John Boxing Club or earlier that kind of helped you get there. He was like athlete and he just had a waste speaking to a zinc through there were times we did. We weren't always the happiest action probably gave him more than he deserved. But as a more about something back the way he instructed onto uh-huh perfect concise anyways made sure that we retain the information before we went on to the next steps for that helped create step by Loyd that is very I know Kevin a little bit just through my emailing with him He's the executive director at least currently of boxing and B. And add the one thing. I really appreciate about him is that he always has a plan for the coaches in his program. Like he's always is making sure that you guys have your have your courses lined up and ready to go and that you your certifications in order to take you to your events. I really liked that. He has that plan in place shows that he's like really thinking about the development of the sport as a whole. Yeah that's that's pretty great. We need that. We know we need more people like that in the sports industry in New Brunswick Yeah really really all it takes. Is that one champion to to make sure that the program is moving forward especially as you as you've mentioned a small province with smaller programs less resources you you need someone. WHO's there being creative End Keeping Traditions alive and an energy up and and things moving forward. It's very very cool so I'd like to ask you a little bit about the candidate. Games between nineteen candidate games. which were just this past February Had had you coached for a team Brunswick.

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