Self-Care Rituals For The Full Moon


Case what we got today. Well Self Carriage deals for the full Moon Avenue. Affirmative you've been asking me to do this for a while but on a little bit about it in the Sacred William Pryor facebook ry but but here is the podcast so just to set the scene. The magnetic pole of the moon effects is everybody listening. Knows that feels that but as an intrinsic part of nature we're all gonNa feel it whether we realize it or not so we're going to feel it in different ways at different hi during different seasons during different chapters in our lives. However they're all things that we can do to help postles make the most of this powerful pull on our buddy and what we can do to help ourselves is develop rituals say ritual is a series of actions performed home in a prescribed? Way And repeated and the key is that it's repeated because a psychic comes to expect this and it's an outlet it it is a time that we can process extra stuff and when we repeat acts of self care at regular predictable intervals. They system in very special. What it does is it? Produces a rhythm based on love and a steady rhythm. Awesome of love is healing. It is the antidote it brings in while we may have missed pleased to have a what were they it for about right three cycles and then Sharon the facebook rate. Because it's really important that we do feel the effects not just do it do the self-care ritual but really take time to fill the fact the effects that we knew we take what we do. We we know what's happening how we're taking care of ourselves in how he's London with us. I have laid out ten things. We can do to cake very good care of ourselves as Luna or grandmother moon shines ends bright in the midnight sky. And I've laid this out in a way that you can take the whole evening to go through every step all just his pick. What suit shoe then repeat? I suggest a minimum of three times says it can start to feel the effects but either way a tune in with the moon can give us a real reminder that we are an intrinsic part of creation and that this moon cycle is reflected in a menstrual cycle about twenty nine days. We go through a wax in a peek a waning dog and new and we all Luna creatures say what better way to honor. Ra Nature and by honoring a planet that we can see shining bright in the sky. I connect connect with the souls connect with the moon. Connect with the w-what within. Let's go with number one. Number one is ground ground unground so so this is the first on the list as it is the most important this magnetic pole of the moon is strong. And you might find that. This has a tendency to have you found in high orbit Wyatt. I might trigger the tree. Knowles might get less sleep on. The full moon might be a tendency to sit out of feeling of less connection with the body will come in out the body a little a bit in the healed in the personal development world. We heal control more effectively. And so what happens. When we're traumatized as one way to K- pissed you come out of the body somewhat say when the magnetic pole is stronger the full moon we can start to feel feel that and to counteract that we can ground the magnetic pole also enables us to feel Komo because the pool is on the water in a bodies in most of our body is water? Say it's creates a movement inside of us of our emotions so what we tend to think of is the full moon stab makes me feel more anxious but in reality it's just bringing up. A sense of anxiety is held in the body. Anyway say we gonNA feel stronger emissions at the full moon and and as a basis for that ground ground ground Sarsour important. I found that when I ground before bed at at a full moon I do have a better sleep. Say That's we can do. You can do in the day or before bad is really important but either way a lot Grounded on the full moon will help anchor you into your body and enable you to feel stronger emotions and stay Komo present with them. Simple ground in technique is to you know stand with the feet on the ground connect with the brass closure is send breath down body as he breathed out fifty feet on the ground. And drop your energy. Can I get into the central. The're really stay with that for good few minutes as you feel the magnetic pole also to the earth okay. That's grounded second one is to give. Thanks and celebrate bright. Say Anything we do with. The full moon is going to be amplified. Say We do have a tendency. I have noticed as humans to one more More and more but creating our world doesn't start with asking for more it starts with recognizing what we already have an who we are in the present so I like to give thanks and really celebrate what I've got and he I am in the present and there are loads ways to do that but a really simple one is just write a list of three things. I'm grateful for about myself three things but my partner and three things for life in general. I like to keep these ritual simple or else. If they get too complicated hated to do I think is the I think is the way a consumer took best really for yeah how to keep it simple so simple list like that works really well.

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