Taytu Betul: The Empress of Ethiopia


Is encyclopedia. Britannica today's leader was a brilliant political and military military mind who successfully beat back the European imperialists trying to take over her country and then let her people through a successful era era of modernization. Let's talk about impressive. Ethiopia Tae to Tool Tae to which is the I'm horrid word for son was born around eighteen fifty in deborah taper. DOP A- into a regionally powerful family in the north of the country. There's no record of take ever attending school or receiving any sort of formal education. But she was taught to read and write in which would have been unusual for women of time. It's also believed that. She was taught the basics of power politics and diplomacy she understood Gaz. A language used in the Ethiopian Orthodox Church and was apparently a very talented chess player. When Taytay was ten years old she was married off to her first husband who was an officer in the army? Armie she would marry two more times before finally marrying her fourth and final husband Kingman a leak of Shah soon to be emperor mentally a second of Ethiopia. Tae Two was over thirty years old when the two were married making her an extremely old bride Ethiopian marriage norms at the time still will the two are believed to be a very good match an extremely well suited for each other. After being named Emperor and Empress of Ethiopia in eighteen eighty nine tae a two started wielding considerable power. She and MENA lick fell into a routine where he would regularly avoid taking unpopular stances. That would anger for his constituents allowing you to step in and put her foot down at which point he would have to go along with his wife. It was a basic good cop bad copper team. Brilliant Savvy Mind and became her husband's most important advisor in public and private. She was always consulted before any the important decision was made. Tatum was also one of the first Ethiopians to realize that. Italy had imperialist designs on the country Italy had previously. We made overtures of friendship potato came to understand that their plans were much more problematic. She called the Talian out on it. Saying you want other countries is to see the opium as your protege but that will never be. By the time relations between Ethiopia and Italy broke down in eighteen ninety one tae to was essentially running the show and refused to concede any territory to the invasive Europeans. She put a stop to any negotiations that would have resulted in the loss of land. The Italians when the negotiations came to a halt more broke out between the two countries. Tasty road out her husband's side at the head of their army. She was deeply involved in military planning from day. One day to personally put together a battle plan that led to the Ethiopian victory at a Collie and it said that her presence eighteen ninety six battle of Agua was crucial to the Ethiopian victory over the Italians. Odd was generally considered the most significant victory of an African army over or a European army during the apex of European imperialism. It was a humiliating defeat for the Italians and ended up having rather far reaching consequences is for Italy moving forward once. The Talian threat was squashed. Tattoo and Mental League founded the city of Ati Saba which remains the the capital of Ethiopia to This Day Tae to actually chose the site for the future city. In the last few decades of her reign tae to was a force of modernization mutation and eventually opened up the opium to greater trade and technology. She also financed the construction of a number of well known and impressive churches throughout Ethiopia. Gotcha as many leagues. Health disintegrated tae two wheeled more and more power and authority. This didn't end well for her eventually public. Discontent forced her to step down

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