How Metal Toxicity Affects Health And Aging


You're going to one hundred eighty you're going to be full of metals metals inhibit metal Kendra function. They lower your testosterone because hair loss they caused grain and they cause cancer As was actually a whole bunch of other diseases you've got to lower your exposure to them and you have to get rid of them as you live. Hi I'm K- pro. At one of the producers of the doctors pharmacy podcast genetic variations. Make some people more prone to heavy metal toxicity. Some of us are very very good at detoxifying while others are not in this mini episode Dr Hyman shares his personal experience with mercury poisoning in conversation with founder and CEO of bulletproof. Three Sixty Dave asprey. Let's listen in there's compounds I read about called key leading agents that you can take with your food when I eat Sushi. You need the fat from. I'm fishing. I take cla which is a fracture. Also while Klerl will bind to the mercury in the Gutsy poop it out but clearly will not pull mercury out of your brain so so what you end up doing is over time you lower the incidence of metal entering your body and you slowly remove. What's in your body and I talk about how to do that in the book but if you don't know that metals matter and you're just sort can you roger how much metals you have in your system and yeah there's two ways in supreme that I write about the gold standard is you collect urine and see what your body's excreting with or without an agent that may cause you to release more and more common and cheaper way but less telling is a hair test and there's usefulness for both of those but you can go to functional medicine doctor and say I'd like to do have medals test and they're usually order a urine test for you and it's it's very common to find elevated mercury and lead in fact if you're over forty you're probably going to find it? Yeah so here. He let me share the practicing physician. Who won suffered suffered from mercury poisoning added to and to have straighted literally tens of thousands of people with mental poisoning and have done tens of thousands of tests? And I would say it's probably one of the most ignored and underappreciated causes of chronic disease. He's that doctors don't know how to think about well. Measure and personally for me. I lived in China. It got huge exposure to mercury. I don't have great jeans detoxifying. And it destroyed every system to my body yet destroyed my gut. I had diarrhea for for years and bloating and pain. It destroyed my might Aqa Andrea. I develop chronic fatigue syndrome and there was such an extreme version that my muscle enzymes were high my CBK's wok six six hundred. My liver was affected. My immune system was affected. I sort of rashes and sores all over I was completely cognitively impaired. I couldn't focus distinct concentrate remember I was you know in your your thoughts. This is like you know twenty five years ago and I was so bad and I literally had to become an expert in mercury and heavy metals detoxification. And I've written a lot about it but I think you know I would say that for many of my patients who suffer from weird a strange elements. It's ready things to look at and the only way to really know what your body burden is. You can look at your blood but that only ninety. Yeah I mean if you're eating a lot of Sushi you'll it's high but I'd ages stop. It'll go away. You can look at your urine but you're in also wasn't going to be high unless there's an current exposure so if the lead foundry or your you know eating tons of Sushi I might see a little bit of mercury the only way to really look at your body burden. It's a challenge test where you take a pill. It's a key later. And you clicks this year and for six hours hair tests also check for fish methylmercury which is where we mostly get our our mercury from that that also will go away if you haven't eaten fish for awhile and then there's another test that looks at the blood work that measures the inorganic mercury which comes from pollution in or from fillings. And that's called the quicksilver test and that that is surprisingly when people have a mouthful of fillings and you can see the difference between fish or or or or Ah Dental Mercury. I and the treatments are depending on the person you know can be very aggressive depending on what they need a guy. I've a patient. WHO's got this terrible herbal autoimmune disease and giving her intravenous support other people can do is oral support? There's medications but it's it's it's a whole process. It has to be done safely. I think your point is really well taken. I think it's an under served. An under appreciated component of medicine and a hopefully one day. We'll get on board with this just because it's just I mean it was interesting there was there was a An article near Time said I was quoted and it was based on the special forces. Oh yeah the says get lead right. Yeah so this guy. This guy came to see me. Whose job was he was a special forces guy who was a blast expert so they go blow up stuff you know blow up doors up up this and they had to train and practice and they had indoor practice training and and these guys were getting all sick and out you know the special forces? This guys aren't lingers. They're not Weiner's I don't feel good at work. Those aren't those guys either guys who stay in freezing ice water for an hour and swim right right right and do four thousand pushups and like you know. Don't sleep for three days. I mean these guys are not Weiner's humans and so the guy came in. I'm like okay. Well tell me you want your job like oh we blow stuff up we shoot like Oh okay and so I said let's check your heavy metals. And they were sky high. We put him there whole program. He was metabolically. Quiz system was working. He was overweight. PREDIABETES had cognitive functioning immune issues gut issues all got better and then he started sending special forces guys to us us. We start treating them and they just got better and one of them was written about in the New York Times how has his medical crew and everybody dismissed him and he completely turned around and the guy who is the lead expert at Mount Sinai who measures bone lead which is the most accurate way to measure leading the body. It's not an easy easy available commercial test but it's a very powerful research tool. He said these guys had really high levels of lead and he said on the follow up tests he saw the level's come way down and he says he's never seen that in his entire experience and this is a guy who was an expert in. How can you be an extra in lead in not know how to the body drives me nuts? It's not because it's not seen as a problem acute poisoning yes chronic poisoning. No and there's nothing you can do about it. It's just nonsense and there's in fact an FDA approved drug called the MSA yes Zayn for lead removal and actually removes mercury. So I think you know people listening if you have any stranger where two elements if you have anxiety. Depression Russian insomnia autoimmune disease gut issues fatigue. Cognitive issues it may well be heavy metals and And you need to find a good functional medicine doctor to help you diagnose that are you gonNa Functional Medicine Dot. Org Ifm Dot Org and you can find a practitioner. Who May know how to do this? I I'm GonNa go a little bit broader than go. If you are over fifty you and you have not gone through a course of action. You are not doing aging right. You have to do this if you are alive in the modern world and you wanna live to a highly functional old age and the reason I say this is that the safe. EPA limits for lead us to be twenty parts per million and they cut his forty goes forty two twenty ten to five five and now they're finding even down to one. They're seeing cognitive impairment and kids cognitive impairment and increased risk of cardiovascular disease and now the people who are the experts in letter saying quote there is no safe limit of lead in. If you are forty or fifty you cannot be alive and not have a lead burden in your body. You must remove it and it's not that hard especially if you're not really sick it's not gonna be a big deal and it's so strange because medicine just ignores this but in the journal circulation which which is one of the top cardiology journals. It was a paper number years ago that showed that if your level was over two which is quote within the normal which which by the way affects almost forty percent of the population. Has Your risk of stroke goes up eighty nine percent. The risk of a heart attack goes up one hundred and fifty percent. The risk of death goes up from a heart attack fifty five percent and this is more than smoking or cholesterol. Wake and it's like. Why doesn't your cardiologists talk to you about this? So what are the. What are the basic tips? If you're not getting a key. lated what are the basic tips for detoxifying detoxifying not just metals or you mean metals metals. Like how I mean. How or it all works for everything but how do you? One of my favorite compounds is glued Afyon and you can increase glucose levels by increasing vitamin C. BY TAKING NS Beatles osteen I- manufacturer glorify on pill. You can get intravenous glutathione which acid and you do you go to find out your clinics right. Yeah Yeah and we do it at upgrade labs in La for people to recover better. I'm Alpha LIPOIC. ACID is another thing selenium can help and and Zinc zinc can help the natural key later Cilantro but surprisingly. You WANNA take to launch only after you've removed most of the metal from your body because Asandra can actually move heavy metals into the brain because it's one of the things that can also penetrate the blood barrier so you go through and you say you know I'm just going to build some of these in on a regular because base and then you need fiber and P and sweat shocking. How those

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