Oscars 2020: Watch the Best Supporting Actress nominees


Let's start with what will be the first award on Sunday night and that will be actress in a supporting role you gotta go through about ten others before you get to actor in a supporting role and then at the end of the show you'll get actor actress movie or what they call Best Picture and director so we'll start with actress in a supporting role Kathy Bates Richard Jewell Laura Dern marriage story Scarlett Johannson Jo Jo rabbit Florence pew little women Margot Robbie bomb shell share your first Laura Dern marriage story okay I'm gonna take Laura Dern merit story also Megan Scarlett Johannson judge a rabbit and Kay were put in an right there for Megan not for missed you know Margot Roby or Robbie in that bomb shelter that's about the fox news sex was no accusation paying it is Hollywood so you know you know but then again so was already one stain so actress in a leading role Megan your first simply a Revo Herriot Scarlett Johannson merry story Siri thrown in little women Charlie Sperrin bomb shell Renee Zellweger Judy I'm gonna go Renee Zellweger and Judy I'm gonna do the same thing same here all right so there's three of us all in accord actor in a supporting role charity Tom Hanks beautiful day in the neighborhood Anthony Hopkins to popes Al Pacino the Irishman Joe Pesci the Irishman Brad Pitt once upon a time in Hollywood Brad Pitt is going to continue his winning streak I'm gonna go the same okay you lost me on that what is under is winning streak dizzy on a winning streak yeah I think he won whatever last award show it was okay I thought you meant in as far as Academy Awards the only one can mean weren't you would think he would have by now yeah to give anyone just take his shirt off in a he's not in well you took off to and want maybe there's the thing they're going I go to brand also I think he would win it out right but Pacino okay she you're going to cancel each other out for starters yeah act actor in a leading role I'm Bonnie band banners painting glory Leo once upon a time Hollywood Adam driver marriage story Joaquin Phoenix joker Jonathan Pryce the two popes Megan boy that's that's a tough no that's a very easy one some how my mom I think I'm going to go with Joaquin Phoenix yeah well of course yards so is charities online didn't even need to ask lastly directing the Irishman Scorsese joker Todd Phillips nineteen seventeen Sam Mendes once upon a time in Hollywood Quentin and parasite bong joon ho cherry salmon does nineteen seventeen I'll take Sam Mendes nineteen seventeen Quentin Tarantino once upon a time in Hollywood once upon a time in Hollywood if Sam Mendes wins for directing that will be the biggest gap between two directing wins in Oscar history he won in two thousand for American beauty and here it is twenty years later in case you're wondering what the current record is it's a fifteen year gap actor Billy Wilder one for the lost weekend nineteen forty five any apartment in nineteen sixty and one other quick side no we were talking about those swag bags and people thinking that everybody gets one no it's just the twenty five nominees the five nominees in each of the five big categories you may have bought when we were revealed that earlier wow Scarlett's gonna get to because she's up for Best Actress and best supporting actress no one in case she just gets one I give her

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