Trump administration suspends enrollment in Global Entry for New Yorkers

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If you've gone their costumes at an airport. Recently you may have seen or used that fast track line global entry. It's an enrollment program. Tsa Pre check that prescreens travelers in this case to give US citizens sends expedited entry back into the United States. The trump administration is now suspending enrollment in the program but only for New Yorkers that changes connected connected to New York sanctuary laws which are designed to safeguard immigrants who come into the US illegally from deportation joining me now from Washington to explain is Wall Street Journal reporter Michelle Hackman Michelle. What's the department's reasoning for suspending enrollment? For New Yorkers in these programs sure so New York state passed a law aw it went into effect in December called the green light law and it does two things first of all it allows unauthorized immigrants to apply for driver's licenses but of of more key concern to the Department of Homeland Security. It also says it also shields the state's driver's license records so all the records of the DM Vive from from the Department of Homeland Security and that was intended as a sort of protection for unauthorized immigrants in New York. Obviously ice and C. B. P. or Halston the Department of Homeland Security and can do often use DMV data to track down unauthorized immigrants and deport them. So that was the intent behind the law but what. Da H justice saying is. This is a really dangerous thing you've done. You've cut off a really key investigative tool to us you know. We use this information not only for unauthorized immigrants but often for criminals that were tracking down for people that we want to be able to match up their face with their photo get their address other information that's contained in the database but Michelle. How does cracking down? Enrollment among New Yorkers in these so-called trusted traveler programs fit in with the trump administration's overall immigration policies as. Well it's two fold. You know says that these programmes we know when you apply for something like global entry or a century card something like that. They check state driver's license records as part of the check that they put you through to make sure that you can be trusted traveler and not having access to. There's information really impedes their efforts to do that. And so they said you know it's not really safe. We are going to just cut off on New Yorkers access to these programs but I think it's also also meant as a a warning to New York to try to get them to change their law warning to other states who might be considering adopting similar sanctuary laws that you're going to face consequences. If you do this I mean. The the trump administration really hate sanctuary policies in his willing to will be sort of blunt access to try to change them right. This suspension comes after the president spoke out against sanctuary cities pointedly during his State of the Union address. And we're hearing from critics including putting a spokesman for New York Governor Andrew. Cuomo who called the department's move political retaliation. Is that the sense observers. have of this move. Yeah so I think that there you know there is some legitimate security concern however the fact that VHS is really airing this argument publicly with New York rather than trying resolve it with them rather than even trying to go through. The courts suggests that there's there's some political upside for them. Here you know they really like fighting sanctuary policies that they think are unpopular. They think that plays well with President. Trump's base and. I think we're going to keep seeing them. Do things like that. New York is also a great fo- for them in that respect. So what about New Yorkers who are already enrolled in these programs will they be impacted and our other people interested in the program being discouraged from applying. Well so they're about eighty two thousand New Yorkers right now according to the h s that had applications in process for one of these programs global entry etcetera that are going to have their applications occasions denied. Those people will feel real impact. Immediately people currently enrolled can keep using their status but folks who would have had to renew this year. There are just not going to be able to renew. That's Wall Street Journal reporter Michelle Hackman joining me from Washington. Thank you so much

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