Health officials compare this


By such conduct has demonstrated that he will remain a threat to national security and the constitution of allowed to remain in office and has acted in a manner grossly incompatible with self government and the rule of law wrapping up three days of opening statements in trump Senate impeachment trial California Democrat Adam Schiff says the president clearly abused his power and obstructed the investigation of the Ukraine scandal he called it a complete defiance of Congress shift said trump believes he can do whatever he wants he insisted that trump remains a threat to the constitution and must be removed from office by the Senate a four point six magnitude earthquake is checking southern California the quake hit near Barstow Friday evening so far there's no word on any damage or injuries Barstow's about ninety miles northeast of Los Angeles the Disney land in Shanghai is closing amid the coronavirus outbreak Brian shook has details the park would normally be packed with tourists for the lunar new year holiday but officials don't want to take any chances and it's not the only business feeling the impact make Donald shut down all of its restaurants in five Chinese cities while three automakers have restricted travel a Nebraska senior care has also suspended service to clients in China health officials compare this to the two thousand three outbreak of sars and say symptoms from the new virus may take up to two weeks to appear and secretary of state Mike Pompeii plans to meet with you craning and present the Lansky next week in Kiev the two will meet Thursday as part of a weeklong trip Pompey is taking to Europe and Central Asia the secretary of state was planning to visit early this month but postponed it because of tensions with Iran's Lynskey plays a central role in the impeachment trial of president trump you're listening to NBC news radio the trump administration is threatening to pull federal health care funding from California over the state requirement that abortion is covered in insurance plans the announcement coincided with president trump the parents at the pro life March for life rally in Washington DC where he addressed thousands in

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