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I'm how Brian I'm senior editor here at. EA and Oshkosh Wisconsin. And and I'm one of the hosts of the green dot and sitting here with me on the left it is I'm one of the other host. I'm Chris Henry the EA Aviation Museum Programs Coordinator and somebody snuck snuck into the room with us today. Chrissy sitting across the table and she'd tell us about them absolutely just for the record When he showed up it literally dropped twenty degrees here? So you're about the a cold wave degrees Fahrenheit that's true I think either a thousand or sixty degrees centigrade degrees. Yeah well anybody. WHO's a fan of the TV show? Ice Pilots Will be familiar with Scott Blue. Scott the thank you for joining us today. Thanks for having me Chris. Good Morning. Well thanks for coming and We're GONNA IF ANYBODY WHO's listening to this It'll be after the time so you have missed it but Scott is actually here to take part in the speaker series. Here at the museum happens every third Thursday the month shameless plug there but But Luckily we've recorded. Where did this podcast? So if you could make it you'll have something to listen to and hear about your adventure down here and we should be doing a video of the speaker series as well. That's yes I usually goes up within two or three three weeks or so of the event so absolutely evidence. Great years but You know being being a foreigner her as you are the are. US laws must have might charming to you. We didn't get pulled over on the draft Milwaukee. It was fun. They let me into the country so I'm already winning. Well that's that's good questions. Will they let you out Kennedy not want me back scanning passports sports these days. I'm in trouble. We're always looking for good people. Welcome all right Scott. Well let's let's do. We always liked to do on the show. Let's go back back to the beginning. We were having great conversations right before. Went on about About some of the movies so I say back to the beginning. Well I the earth cool cool dinosaurs game not quite that far back Mike Myers. I'm sorry thank you fellow Canadian eighty at my life. Let's go back to a little bit closer to your beginning. How did you first get into flying? Were you a kid interested in aviation was something year round at all. I always liked airplanes when I was younger and You know even going back when I was a kid. We used to go down to Florida every year and we had a condo down there and I remember one year getting into radio controlled airplanes and magazine Z.. My mom bought forming. We weren't we could see in the store and then it was in a holding pattern until we actually started the drive entertainment for the kids as we go down a little older I get it you know. I can't see the magazine and it'll wait. And then we started driving down and funny enough. I still have this. Old Radio Controlled Model Airplane magazine and on the cover. It is a seal to fifteen. Oh there was an article the guy that made one going in and out of the water One but then the actual picture of it was there and it sort of you know foreshadowed several decades later actually got into that it you know in my career but yeah I always liked airplanes and cars and anything with an engine and You Know I. I went to university after high school. I finished my degree and Happy to say it would be in geography a fee. But it wasn't really leading me into anything so our jingle researching Yo hey I can still become pilots too late as a mid twenties and You know give. The military shot didn't work out because a little tall but Yeah just started. Chipping away at the flight school with North of Toronto. So you mentioned you mentioning just too tall. Aw to fly in the military. So you're seven yet is that right and That still seems sort of I guess I get it but it so seems strange to me like this in the you know whether that was the late twentieth or early twenty first century. That something like that that you know. You're you're smart. You're obviously good pilot. Well it all all these other qualifications. But I'm sorry just physically don't fit in the cockpit. How did it seems amazing to me that we can't well to me? Is that it it because of the L. Red tape in the way that the hiring process goes took several months for that to be established whereas on the very first day I was asking too tall and they'd be like I'm not sure. How is your eyesight and Mike Take my told to do this job? And at every step in the process I kept asking and basically I don't know you know down the line and by the time I got after all the simulator checks in the background checks and the two hour interview where they ask you about some pretty intense stuff being you know you're signing up for the military past all that everything was okay and then I I went from full medical and all your tallet everything else on. Yeah and like we're talking top to bottom everything like x rays. I checked you name it and at the end of it a set down the flight surgeon and he's okay. Well you're too tall. What else is wrong with you? Nothing nothing else is wrong with you. Did you get here. And I'm like nobody nobody would give me a no and so oh I just. He's like okay. Well tell you come back next week and we'll measure you again. What's going to happen that week? I thought they were just GonNa put me in an F.. Eighteen and object back to me over northern Alberta compress lose an inch and the way to go. I didn't happened. showed up the next week. And they it was interesting because they had to hide expert. And and they plotted me out and make really measured everything. And they had a chart green yellow red but the different machines in the Canadian military and read it was no go on that was for helicopters and the F. Eighteen of just wasn't gonNA happen yellow sort of like Oh might work in you know some of the other training planes and some smaller machines but then green. It was wide open for two hooks and the C. Seventeen and and We call them the Aurora. CB One forty rowers but P. threes. And I was like cool. I'll fly that stuff. That sounds great and they said well No. Thank you but if you're not able to do everything everything does work for us so actually coming out. Wow what's it's amazing to me because if you talk to people over the years who have been undetermined to you know to get in the military military do flying and things like that you hear stories of people as you know they were told no upfront and well then they then they fought it or going going back far enough. It's like well you can't do it because of your is well you know. The doctor leaves the room. They memorize the eye chart and get into but those people usually sort of told no at every step but I hate to to indulge the stereotype but maybe maybe this was uniquely Canadian. Because you're not find anybody to actually say they just said you're still quite handsome. I'm afraid it's the it's the height it's really you know it's the rest of us are too short. Sorry it's not you it's us we're GONNA have to the whole program to fit people like you. Subways cars cars are going to make it work. You can pick a little while. Oh that's fascinating to me though you know it it it it it is what it is you. There's nothing I can do about that and it's been some effort to deal with my tire. Career couldn't find fleiss certain airplanes at Buffalo was to offer. DC3's couldn't fly one fifty. Two's for the training. I think I did but hey I'm here now. Gainfully employed as a pilot and I mean it is interesting applying a Dornier two to eight in the winter right now my knees are pretty much chance. Yeah crossings from the Left are interesting to make it work. Well that's something else that I find it especially interesting though. Is that You know if you look at you look on the career that you've you've had so far and you're still young Guy But you flown some amazing things have had these incredible experiences. And who knows how that would've How the career would have played out? Had you gone into into the Canadian Forces and and gone a completely different direction. I'm sorry I would've still been rewarding but but Maybe you would have had a very different in. Dare I say less fulfilling career to this. It's it's tough to say you know it really in a life gives us these past and you go down one and another one disappears and you can think of what all the hypothetical ways go. I mean maybe you know it could have been flying seventeen all over the world you know on CNN. In that regard. I mean the chopper thing was out in. The fighter jets roared. But you know you you never know and you know I'm happy with the path that's ended up and You know wants the one door closed. It's like okay. Well you know time for next one keep moving so but yeah it would have been would have been interesting I think but hey I'm happy how it worked out and you know lots of adventures up north and say the least a few minutes ago. You mentioned your flight training that you're too tall for the for the system of fifty two Key Tell us about your fight training. What did you train in and out of that I'll go sure absolutely I went to flight school. North of Toronto. Oh called Toronto Airways Airport based Button Ville airport which was funded out about a couple of times. Yeah Okay we'll enjoy it because they keep saying it's GonNa Clo that's GonNa close and it's been bought by developers and it's still open. It's just keep delaying. It will eventually close. I'm sure which is yeah. Disappointing community not happy about that in Canada but So I went up there. I started chipping away at it and funding my first and strike flight instructors later heather. And she's about five foot wonder five two so she's putting a phonebook behind her back in the seventy two and crank in the seat forward and up. Meanwhile I'm going down back and trying to kick a hole in the side for some with the Sunroof uh-huh for the but so is Yeah lots of one. Seventy two was the primary playing a trained on and then a twin engined stuff was on a piper seminal and I valley parked in Toronto. Pay For it all the whole time and So that was there are some other vehicles getting in and out of small spaces so adapted with that and Took took took a couple of years. I was more Working to pay for it all and then when I was done the training of wasn't any debt which is rare. You know these days of flight training because it is very expensive Had A lot of fun with that and You know just flew over mostly Ontario a little bit into Quebec and yeah some great great instructors at a wonderful time checked off all the boxes and then it was resume ta I am.

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