Trump lawyer Dershowitz argues president can't be impeached for an act he thinks will help his reelection


Because well the drama in Capitol Hill is whether that vote tomorrow will produce for rebel Republican senators who will say you know what we've sat here we have enabled calm and they read all questions on the cue card Chief Justice Roberts but I think will need to hear a little bit more from Bolton himself maybe some of the documents we don't know what that what that vote will amount to at this point I guess if you were taking action like you would Superbowl action between the chiefs and the San Francisco forty Niners now take fifty fifty it's it's sort of suede it looked like they had the Republicans they will more than four now looks like maybe they don't so we'll see how it turns out but while all that was taking place while McConnell was meeting separately with mark how ski apparently trying to convince a no no you don't want to join Collins said and Romney on that and become the Republican senator number three to jump ship Alan Dershowitz who's considered the legal beagle from Harvey took to the floor in defense of the president of the United States is part of the legal team I made an argument I did not the socks off of people whether your legal experts or you would just pragmatic in common sense no matter what your politics all over the world will watching in fact he talked about the quid pro quo that would be used towards gaining an edge in an upcoming election of a sitting president every public official what I know believes that his election is in the public interest and mostly right your election is in the public interest in for president does something which he believes will help him get elected in the public interest that cannot be the kind of quid pro quo that results in impeachment I wish I was I literally went wow if that's that's their defense that's their final word on this that is bad because I need so basically what he's saying is president is a green lit what to do what ever the hell he wants as long as he's saying and the presidential interest me getting reelected is omnipotent yeah infallible and because he's already present he or she should have the right to use a quid pro quo in order to stay in office because it's to our benefit it's the people spend in fact right so that I'm not miss quoting it and will obviously allow all of our listeners to weigh in as to what Alan Dershowitz men on them is one eight hundred eight four eight W. A. B. C. that's one eight hundred eight four eight nine two two two listen to what he said from the well of the Senate yesterday that has people shaking their head light I thought this was the legal lion of Harvard every public official that I know believes that his election is in the public interest and mostly right your election is in the public interest in for president does something which he believes will help him get elected in the public interest I cannot be the kind of quid pro quo that results in impeachment the reason our fathers created this concept of impeachment was very simple presidents are not gods they're not kings they're Americans who have been chosen to serve the country not their families not their friends not themselves but the United States of America and our founding fathers understood that man can be a moral man can be corrupt and so they set up a system of checks and balances are and further protected the country with the act of impeachment but now our president's legal team has suggested that anything the president wants to do as long as he claims that it's done in the national interest of getting reelected he can do right yes carte Blanche to behave with unrestrained abandoned if you once and if you're already a sitting president and he seems to imply it's in our public interest that you continue to be present and fulfill the two term limit and if it means dealing with a foreign power in which you do a quid pro quo okay look we're helping you with giving you a I need you to help in terms of digging up dirt on my adversaries my opponents whether they're running against me in a primary like Jimmy Carter remember had primary was primary by Ted Kennedy before he had to run for reelection against Ronald Reagan when he lost think of that think of the ramifications and then naturally everyone was stunned because he remember woozy Alan Dershowitz who was so different during Clinton Bill Clinton's impeachment what happened since nineteen ninety eight is that I studied more did more research read more documents and like any academic older my views so so in in so it's his mind there is there is no such thing as abuse of power when you're president so yes he may have pressure Ukraine to dig up dirt to trash Joe Biden he may have held they have hundreds of millions of dollars allocated money to Ukraine to add to the pressure but it's okay because even using the power of your office to serve yourself is okay if you are president I have to tell you guys this is the GOP's argument and if if you support this if the if the senator support this and they reelect him and his supporters you will be ending democracy as we know and I'll tell you as a former Republican lifelong I'm fairly certain will not go down on the right side of history with this one does she which as a former Democrat solid Democrat right across the board he's basically saying because now he is a supporter of the Republicans that he has a different view but as a lawyer let's face it he didn't say this he's a Hessian he's a mercenary lawyers are trying to argue a case both point at the same time in Los right will look the perfect example kellyanne Conway I'm not picking on her because she's trumps person but she has been she was you early on in the campaigns she was ripping trump apart as was one zero and this is what they do but I mean this is this is all about what's going to happen to this country and the democracy but the country this is a man whose reputation for being bright when it comes to legal matters and giving it to you straight has now been dramatically compromise because he has basically said you know when I was a Democrat I sure did Democrat way now that I support the president and the Republicans because save embrace me I see it the

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