Iowa ad spending ticks up in the last week before caucuses


The the first caucuses political caucuses the year are in hi that's coming up within like two weeks or so the candidates have been campaigning in Iowa would you like to guess how much has been spent on political advertising in Iowa over the course of let's see the last thirteen months or so thank you think yes home ballpark okay let's say two hundred million two hundred million and I would know that that that that's how I know that that's hard not to hundred million okay but let me just back up here Iowa I'll white is not a heavily populated state I mean it it's not California it's not Texas it's not New York it's not Florida you know where you have multiple television markets TV time to buy and I white is is cheap comparatively eight eight please it would be outside of the political season it's not like if you want to advertise in California for example you got to buy time on TV stations in San Diego and Los Angeles in Sacramento and San Francisco and all these places in between you want to buy TV time in Florida you gotta buy in Miami in Orlando and you know all all along the Gulf coast in up in Jacksonville and all these different places got to do that Iowa it's it's not a good client population center the answer to my question is the estimate that by the time all is said and done candidates will have spent just on TV advertising somewhere north of sixty three million that's M. as in million dollars running commercials this is presidential candidates in Iowa over the course of the last thirteen months sixty three million dollars and that's roughly the same as that's roughly the same as before and keep in mind the vast majority that spending is going to be on the Democrat side president trump is that some advertising but but nothing big but it's all the other Democrats if the Democrats were trying to to break through they're gonna be spending sixty three million I will tell you this that there are TV and radio stations all across this country who are looking at two thousand twenty and depending on where you are they are counting on substantial political advertising by it happens every four years happens every two years now in some year if you're in some states it's not as as big a deal the candidates aren't going to be the presidential candidate for example aren't going to be spending a lot of money in Utah because president trump is going to win you call it is a heavily Republican state so you're not going to be seeing a lot of of spending on the presidential campaigns you're probably not going to be seeing a lot of heavy spending I'm on the presidential level in California because California is gonna overwhelmingly goal for whoever the Democrat nominee yes so it's your your your have maybe a little bit of spending but but not not that much in places like Pennsylvania Michigan Wisconsin and a handful Ohio and a handful of other so called swing states you're not going to be able to turn on the TV or turn on the radio and not here some add maybe it's going to be an ad by the candidates maybe it's going to be an ad by some special interest groups supporting a cause or a candidate but the air waves both radio and television are gonna be inundated with ads and the candidates are going to spend millions of dollars to do it just like the spending sixty three million to I don't know how you could spend sixty three billion dollars in Iowa and yet that's what they are doing now here's what I want to discuss with you is it going to make any difference I was having this conversation with somebody the other day and they said you know I've never I I I know who I'm going to vote for and I see the different ads and I never decided she I'm going to vote for this candidate because I saw that at I'm going to vote against this other candidate because I saw that at it they were saying you know that this this money that is being spent on the advertising I understand I I work for radio station no we we are going to be getting political advertising and that's very very welcome to the bottom line but what I want to discuss with you is the ad spending in all the ads that are out there does it work is it necessary is it over kill does it ever change your mind and is there too much of it do we need to have sixty three million dollars spent in Iowa in order to I don't know help the voters decide who it is that they want to choose at a caucus have you ever really made up your mind as to who you're going to buy who to support because of an ad our number eight five five six one six one six twenty that's the accurate mortgage talk and text line do we need all the acts

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