How to Find Work-Life Balance in the Creative Industry

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My name is Robert Kennedy and I work as is a freelance creative running my own design studio in Munich. Germany and I specialize in focus on motion design but also do traditional graphic graphic design and do a lot of public speaking and teaching here and there You're also a model from what I can see from welcomes ads. So that's part of your credentials now and fans of the show fans of the show know who you are because they've seen you on youtube so if your new lesson and you find this conversation to be super interesting and I highly encourage you to go back and watch those two episodes but for everybody else. That's new welcome aboard and on today's episode. We're going to talk a lot about work life balance and how to family family men you and I or people who have families how you manage active career so the way we're GonNa talk about this is we're going to I jump into like what was life like for you. You prior to having kids and having a family like just the the work you the young person who's really driven ambitious. What was that like? What was that life like for you well life before kids was certainly massively different in many ways I was doing the traditional hustle all day every day as much as I can I have I have the fortunate position position to to love my work? You know like just as you in any hopefully most of of creative people love love their work and I don't take this for granted I always thought it's it's it's a privilege to just go in and be excited to create something you and always be challenged to learn a new tool or new technique or try this. Try by that so I was. I was working a lot and I didn't really consider it as work although I found it to be strenuous at times especially during my internship in Hamburg where I essentially went from for example from doing five times a week sports to once in six months and also having to fridge with things not looking so well after a few days or weeks. You know so This was a time of of Late shifts and working really long hours hours than this was during studies. So this carried over after even after I finish my studies and moved to Munich so I was working super late nights. I was always a Late late night person. You know I still have trouble getting off getting getting up in the morning and really get the engine going so was more like okay. Yeah let's let's start work from ten eleven something like this way into the night and and this is where thrived really was no email. No no phone nothing Two and three and the best ideas pop up on this. Try this technique so Yeah I was. I was working really long hours and learned lots doing. I'm doing that and Really appreciate that time a lot. How old how is your way before? Yeah I WANNA share share licenses but how what years is just so everybody. Everybody gets a sense of where we are in history so right now I'm forty I was hang on was fifty. It was twenty five during my internship. I graduated I think I was twenty six or twenty seven graduated from from university so But I started work in free ninety even before studied so I think right after doing my what would the equivalent of high school I think at twenty I started basically To freelance before studying. So this this been on from I'm twenty to thirty five I would say so I will. Oldest is no five years. I was thirty five when he was born so Think for about and now for about fifteen years. The Hustle was pretty intense. I and and a lot of fun too but so different to rain a lot of long nights all right so when you say you're working and being inspired to in the morning what does a typical day like when when you get up when you go to sleep and did you do this five days a week or seven Sunday's week back in the days back in the day back in the day it was it was much more structured. It was was it was. It's funny actually. Because you know when I was younger it was basically like you say the dream of freelancer. You know you know just you know not not giving a damn you know still of course being disciplined and getting getting stuff done and finishing projects on time. Of course this was. This was obvious is an absolute necessity but still Going onto the basketball court playing basketball Coming back late in the afternoon working so it was not really. It was not really a schedule was like going with the flow. And just doing whenever inspiration hits me and So it was mostly flair tried to work five five days a week but for me weekends weren't as holy as they are right now. You know it was. Yeah you know what it was Saturday. Hey someone has a cool idea we can. We can do something with UV lights and fluorescent colors and we can film it enclosed oven ns through that under Saturday. No one's GonNa Bother and it was just you know whenever whenever you want and whenever inspiration in the Mus- hit you when I would at was it sounded like you were just is living in the moment and just leaving to whatever your heart and passion took you and I think that's a really cool and special period in your life and of course all things exchange but before we get there so I'm getting this now. Whatever you felt inspired to do you did if you wanted to play basketball you would if you wanted to stay up to four in the morning working on some new technique make you would do that? And you didn't have to feel guilty or anything else because it was just about you and your personal and professional development right correct now okay super all right how how how was it for you. Not that different so okay. When I got out of school in Nineteen ninety-five? I started my the company just a few months after graduation. And you know when you start a company. There's a lot of responsibilities and the kind of company has started. I almost had a staff almost from from the jump when I got one and there was more work to do than I could do. Admittedly just reached out to people and started to bring them in. It wasn't fulltime but it was fulltime freelance people working for me kind of early on that meant that the hustle game was really strong. I do want to tell you this because eventually couple of years after I did get married and I was working With my friend and my girlfriend and she became my wife but for those I think five of years I didn't take any holidays. There was no vacation it was just work all the time. If I wasn't working on a project I was either reading or developing myself itself as a person so there was a lot of things I needed to learn about. Motion Design about titled Design About Even Hotter Structure a company and the technical aspects suspects like back in the day because it's a nineteen ninety five when we were able to connect to computers together and share a printer and my mind was blown. All talk doesn't and even either net or just up and so that was my life just spending time reading macworld magazine just thumbing through things and seeing all I need router. That's that's what a router does so our own. It person delivery boy. I was the designer the art director every role that had to be fulfilled. I did them all all. So we're talking about some serious nights. And just like ECO. You said there were nights when I was literally tending the rendering because it took so long to render back in the day computers were not fast enough and I would just wake up a couple hours. Check the rendering and fall asleep on the floor next to my computer it was pretty rough and that that was the hustle grind

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