State sends three possible cases of coronavirus in SE Michigan to CDC for testing


Fifty has the country of China moves to lock down at least three big cities there in an unprecedented effort to contain the deadly new coronavirus that sickened hundreds of people and spread to other parts of the world there's no word of three new patients in Michigan that are being tested for that virus joining us live in local with the latest is newsradio nine fifties John Hewitt the emphasis of course Jason on testing to individuals from Washtenaw county one from Macomb county who meet the criteria for concern that includes having recently traveled to China here is Lynn softened with the Michigan department of health and Human Services respiratory issues individuals are having travel history and the ones that you meet the case definitions are being sent to CDC for casting on it should be we hope a couple days for a turnaround but we do know that they're getting test results from all around the country right now something adding that people should not panic the risk of transfer she says is extremely low so far there only to confirm in cases of course of the corona virus in the United States has identified but the number of confirmed cases around the world is growing now standing at over eight hundred fifty and just within the last half hour the country of France is confirmed three new cases in all twenty five people have died from the virus all of them in

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