Travel to Sossusvlei, Namibia


Like to welcome the show. Carthage Ir who is currently from Boston but has come to talk to us about Namibia. Kartik welcome to the show. Thank you Chris. Good to be here there. You pitch me a region of Namibia. We haven't talked about in the two episodes that we have done on this South African country. Where are we going to talk about today? The region of Namibia that I am Kim to talk about today is a place called so so so so sleigh is essentially said a marshes. That's located in the southern part of the KNOB alip desert and it's basically a large salt and Klee Pan So it's nearer the Arab desert abbots into the Kalahari and it's one of the many of blaze which actually means marsh not valley along with deadly in hidden lay in the desert excellent. And why should someone go to the the media. That's a great question limit. BIA is one of the largest countries in the world which you might not realize if you just look at the map specifically when you really think about it brings to mind if you've ever seen the pictures of large massive orange tunes that are standing up Pecans Aski- Infinite Sea of sand dunes that are stretching out onto infancy with beautiful night sky. And what have you. That's exactly what's a sleigh. Is Interestingly enough. The area of this whole Soleil. South Penn is thirty two thousand square kilometers. So that's a giant sand sea and to say that it's isolated does not even begin to cover it excellent. I couldn't you enjoy this episode just for background for people my son used to edit this show when we did the very first show Namibia. He was the editor he was the editor while he was listen college and then a little bit afterwards and at the time he had said he was gonNA stop traveling with us. He'd seen enough cathedrals in Europe and wasn't interested in going places awesome. We did the first episode of Namibia. He edited it and send it along with a note that said well that Namibia sounds interesting and it was like who are you. And what have you done with my son. And and we've had that kind of reaction to this country on the show where we've had people who've gone for their honeymoons who have gone and loved it. It is well well up on my list so I'm excited about this. Where are we going to start before we get into all the sand dunes the other fun stuff? I do think that it's helpful to start the city of men who took the capital exactly. That actually includes a church. Your son narrow find interesting when you fly into maybe the first city that you fly into wind hoke it is a very small say but it is also very very cosmopolitan. I mean you. They have very high. End Gyms lots of great restaurants. And what have you and it feels very different from the rest of the country there couple of interesting places that I think everyone should visit the first one is the Independence Memorial Museum which was actually built by

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