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Projects are get. What is it that draws you to open source in the things? You're doing today before we WANNA get into the details of things with. What does it draws you to the community of open source of what you're doing? I think it's cool to get people to know what you are doing in how you do it and I think this is the spirit of the open shows that people can see how you do it a allow always what you are doing and I think it's very cool to make interesting sayings and the projects that is really useful on and get help. Maybe what specifically you yourself. What sort of your developer path give us back on you? I've been studying for. You're shaft aware developing score and after graduation. I think I'm passionate on the determines lies. Ation feud feud so I joined the Apache grew Apache Trust group and on the other side. I have been using good helpful many years years and as a start there are not many followers but as I do many open shows progessive yes and after some time I guess I'm followers in the comments from them and I think this feedback really makes me goes on to do the Laura interesting stuff's on getup. Yes being followers nine point six or otherwise known as ninety six hundred followers or nine point six thousand followers get hub so is so you said it started slow. What do you think begin an attraction to you as a software developer? Like what was was it your work here on each charts. What was sort of the the proverbial hockey stick for you? I think it all started a from a CV. Levy projects is that. I did before graduation that time. I was looking for a job after graduation so I think instead instead of looking for jobs everywhere. Why don't I put my resume online and led the companies to know about me so so I made an online seavy and this project promoted very well and it has maybe hundreds? It's all of southern people to get to know me. And from that time I get some followers on the get hub. Let me speak to that. Ah I don't know if we've ever really talked much about the fact that obviously many people know the get hub is a social network for software developers. But we don't often talk about the following that someone cultivates on get hub. How have you seen that Effect you're developer. Life the fact that you have nine point six thousand people falling on. How does that permeate into your everyday life as developer? I think definite lay. It makes me more devoted in the want to make more projects and interesting closed off on. Get up but I think the difference is not very large between having nice thousands of followers or knife or lors ores. Maybe the most difference here is that when I create a new project more people will get noticed to edge. Maybe put US DR on it. Also but most important thing is to continuously create a cool stuff's on the

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