Kobe Bryant honored at memorial by his Philadelphia-area high school


A tribute to Kobe Bryant at the place that it all started lower Merion high school he would abuse John McDevitt was there more than fifteen hundred people lower Merion high schools Brian gymnasium the tribute to Kobe Bryant there was a video to honor him in the unveiling of his aces thirty three Jersey which was placed in a frame and hung on a wall inside the gym singer Mike being was at the tribute I think that it can this brings everyone together because when we come together to mourn this terrible tragedy he was a coach for the basketball team when Kobe Bryant was a junior and senior high school this is been a really and a tough week for all the people who who knew Kobe again as as a person not as the the famous guy we see on TV I think too that you guys like coach down or myself and and the rest of the staff the eighties he's one of our guys and and will always remember him really is the seventeen year old kid it was just out trying to win basketball games every night side the gym a makeshift memorial continues to grow with flowers balloons basketballs

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