We Are Celebrating Kobe Bryants #GirlDad Legacy

Yes, Girl!


I I'll be honest. It's been a rough week. I've lost a bit of my spirit right now. We understand We're all learning learning about the news of Kobe. Bryant and his daughter who's donating he The seven other passengers and that Sunday was a horrible as a whole is really bad and we know everybody is hurting everyone I think honestly I think the the world is shocked especially Los Angeles. You know Peres Kobe's family his ways all of their families really everyone family. There's a lot of loss but there seems to be some love and gratitude. That's been bubbling. Blaine that you I noticed. Yes so we were looking and you know all the journalists. During their due diligence we know what journalists do. They were finding older clips of Kobe. Talking about being a father you know being a man loving his family and one of them that emerged. He's someone's did you ever WanNa boy because you know. He was the proud father of four girls and he was like you know. I'M A girl dead. All the way and the girl that movement has happened bothers all over the Internet. Ah from every race. Every corner of the world are proudly proclaiming girl. DADS fathers of girls just for clarity bothers. Girls groner young are posting the images. And how they are to be grow father and I quit. I have to say we needed this moment. Because as I was thinking about this you know definitely And I say this on the episode that we have in the weeds of covering it like you said You know the notes and the nuts and bolts but also legacy of Kobe But what has been really beautiful and I think it was your post on the one. You did on dedicated just to his relationship with G. G. and I started thinking about how we're going to broach conversation station this week and you know realize that we have a girl debt right here amongst us right in the office right in the office so while we were daughters four daughters. This someone we've been trying to talk to like you said we just wanted his business. His business masterclass. We decided to talk to our essence ventures founder and chair Richard Dennis tennis about being a Gerlad. Yep Proud data four girls and he's married four daughters ages twenty five to nine so he he knows a few you think And you know as a dis girl you guys know you often hear me talk about my relationship my father but you know I just can't stop looking at these images of Koby and Jonah and the thing that it's hard to find anything to feel good about but I was telling corey the part that I keep thinking his. He died doing what he loved. The most which is being an easing. Yep and if you gotta go let it be doing something you love with the people that you love and the fact that he was with his daughter being a coach and a father other supporting her supporting her friends. Yeah exactly and I have to say To all the amazing black fathers out there any amazing father's period. Yeah you know we see you. Thank you and this conversation. Today is my father's yet but it was time to have this conversation. Just talk about what it means to be the father of a daughter order so up next our conversation with richly Dennis and please after you listen guys Hashtag escrow. podcast tells about your girl that if you are girl dad just what you felt listening to the conversation and just what you feel about raising daughters. Let's talk about it so Charlie Pin Corey. We are coming together under different circumstances this week. It's been a rough week very sad Um as you know and as our listeners know we're all dealing with the sudden passing of the Great Kobe Bryant and and his daughter plus seven other passengers that died in a helicopter crash on Sunday But as you and I we've been deep the weeds covering it And the thing that I thought was most beautiful and this is not about social following social traffic. You did a story just on on the fact that when it was confirmed that his daughter was in the playing with him and they're behind and their bonds. And everyone's you know start talking about that and we sorry thinking like we've got to talk to a dad how they feel dad of daughters and how they feel about that and last night we would like Ritu Dennis the essence ventures founder and chair. And Not because you were easy to get to but it makes it made sense because you have four daughters ages twenty five nine Mr Richard Loud Girl Dad. We spent every day. I had the pleasure of getting to know some of your daughters here. They have their own podcast. Girls United shout out there with a walk into the shower at. We'll thank you thanks for. Thanks for thinking man inviting me me. You know it's Having having daughters In the world that we live in and the challenges that we go through the community but more specifically the challenges at Women go through in this society and raising women to not be afraid of what they face to not to not feel overwhelmed by what they faced. Raced to to actually be empowered by what they face and to and to be able to Look beyond the challenge in C- Eh See how you conquer that challenge has been has been an incredible motivating factor for me in my life in the things that I do. And so The Girl Dad thing Israel Israel that how did you feel. Oh when you heard this news. We're you you know what happened when I heard this news I was actually on a plane. ooh Move I was on a plane back from From Davos and and all. I wanted to do to hug my daughters. All I wanted to do was to hug them. And as soon as I got off the plane I made a beeline aligned to them. And that's that's what I did and And in that moment All the emotions emotions go through you right and all the emotions around what they mean to you what you mean to them but then also so what you must fight together and how and how much stronger you are because you have daughters and how much stronger they are. Because they they have a father that is focused on them overcoming and becoming in conquering and celebrating with them. I'm and living with them. And and seeing them go from infants to now young women and how they flourish in how they grow and the things that they're doing all all of that comes through you and there's there's nothing there's no greater satisfaction in life I can tell you like Kobe You know what's been surfacing now as the clip with the ESPN reporter L.. Dunkin where she asked him wants to. Do you ever want boys so so. Did you ever want boys. You know that I haven't seen that clip but I can tell you I've never wanted for a boy MHM Right I've never I've never wanted for a boy. I think that when you're when you're when you're a I have a sister right. And so you know I thought I would have a a son and a daughter right And then had my first daughter and then I had my second daughter and then had my third daughter and then I had my fourth daughter and I can tell you that there was never a time where where I thought. I hope. This time is a boy or I wish it was a boy or or any of those things right. And there's just something thing when you and I I mean I've never had a son so I don't know but there was something really magical each time. I held one of those babies in my hand. Right right when those young young girls in my hand one of those baby girls in my hand and all the responsibility that I felt right and all the all the commitment commitment that I felt in all the drive that I felt another motivation that I felt because I knew that I'd have partners throughout life in them and that they would have a partner in me throughout life and and that has just driven relationship which is just an amazing? I mean I I I think I have the greatest daughters on the planet as does every other but their minds claiming I think I have the greatest daughters on the planet.

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