Warriors vs. Nuggets: Pregame


Good now let's talk about once again the number to Shorty hit again tonight like they're missing three starters in five total players so once again in your first match of the season gets in touch it like these these games against the Utah Jazz in the second half of the season could have some monumental impact on who's going to you know holds these playoff games they wanted to each other in the playoffs so how did the nuggets a short handed as they are tonight get it done I guess you touched well you to to be you know to go do it how did how did you see going to Utah and beat them with hard and was right well course course of events that was well okay the Martin are they who I think is really not done a lot of fits right since I gold state game right three or four days before that they moved him back to bite out of that starting point they're gonna bring Mante in and they're going to put a barn wedding is a better more more efficient position it to guard maybe that helps them but they they can have somebody blow up in the joker's told the triple double low numbers left to right Jerry grants been good but they need a perimeter guy now that it's open now I don't know if that you know it and that's the problem I mean well I mean just look at it this way I mean I don't know how this is a tough ask you miss can you missing for pure top seven guys in your rotation so imagine the Utah Jazz Senate okay you get Donovan Mitchell because the nuggets have their best player but now they would play tonight's game without Rudy go bear boy on Bogdanovich Royce o'neal and showing yes you know what I mean right there I mean if you want you to one of chance no I know and and then I could still have a fighting chance just that's just a credit to their death but what can't happen here is now you've got a you've taken all all of all the gaps of errors that you have in the game by missing for starters what I mean by that is you don't have a lot of room to screw up now right you know what I mean so you can't you can't afford the leak Beasley to go to for ten right you can't afford will bark nickel one for night right so everybody has to have a pretty good game they don't have to be great but they just they just got to be solid like he can't shoot thirty seven percent floor down by misinformed your top seven due to just not gonna happen but which they did in in Memphis and and I know they give a thirty one of the first of a still who'd been averaging two hundred twenty only got a hundred for right score ninety five it should be thirty five percent right right and that was actually be pretty good from three and actually you kind of have a chance to win their late second yeah yeah Memphis was just begging to give the game away yeah they they got it yeah they they they were looking for for some reason a baby who who's your you see health player to watch tonight it's got to be somebody on the on the inside here bird because the nuggets get banged up on the glass this this is not going to go well so I guess one of the goal of the only open on both ends not only to be got to control the rebounding after Utah miss a shot but he's gonna have to carry the mother's load on the office of and for Denver and a tough task for for joker they have to have me do that but Rudy gold there place him as well as big Italy he gains long enough that he can keep all the drives outside a contested three if jokers hit shots outside that that'll help them for a lot of is it a I thank the third time in our career but nothing compared to when rocky shot that teacher up into the club hi my car right from right way to go is this a high or low scoring game it's got to be a lower scoring gamer because these are two of the best defenses in the NBA so you think both are going to cut want to come out and control this at the pace as much as they can you do that on the defense advanced all right how about the keys to the contest well for me bird is this is gonna be two main things whatever they have to find a way to control the pace and you start from there and you can kind of work on your outside the fence as you go so Denver's gotta find a way not to get clobbered on the glass Utah's number three of the NBA an overall rebounding and they're very good defensive team so that would suggest to me for his number's gonna take care of the basketball without with missing all these dudes if they give up north of sixteen turnovers it could be a long night for the good guys and the good news is you talk doesn't turn people over but they protect the ram inside the zero to three three you know what zero to three three teams are only get there for about twenty five percent of their offices they keep people out of town the fate thing office for they got sixty seven guys should at least thirty seven thank god one two three four due to shoot over forty and all of a with I'll go over three hundred forty four tips to forty five attempts one forty one right one so this is a like a for a kid guys right right to due to shoot in the hundreds of attempts already more due to over forty percent that's it that's not yeah that's not too shabby I think one of the missiles on pace to make to order fifty three this season which would crush the jazz records like they're just shoot lot of three

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