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Trump mocks Democrats, revives border wall promise in Iowa campaign speech


You talk about a whole lot of momentum at that point for him you you take a look at everything going on with the economy fourth quarter economic growth again ahead of expectations and then you take a look at the trade deal with China US MCA beans I mean he will be on fire no doubt he was on fire in Iowa last night was last night the the visit to Iowa you think a little bit of spiking the football I in you know to to go ahead and and utilize the the football reference I mean was he kind of robin and then the Democrats knows that really I was still his turf well it's reminding Iowans that is the state the president one in twenty sixteen and although they'll have their Iowa caucuses on Monday night think it's a reminder to islands that does this is a state the president had in his column in twenty sixteen and we want it pretty handily won it by one hundred fifty thousand votes or so over Hillary Clinton that's obviously something the president is trying to keep in his column for twenty twenty John the one other kinda hail Mary hi dad has been thrown out there as well if it if it does go down to a fifty fifty vote on witnesses today what you saw John Roberts and and maybe he inserts himself here you know after all he is the one who got a little bit activist it yet but when it came to the affordable Care Act he's the one who went ahead and said yeah this whole thing's unconstitutional we're going to re write it as a tax and that'll make it okay any chance that he does something like that today no you know I think that he's going to it here too the president that preceded him and that is the president of William Rehnquist when he was the presiding officer at the impeachment trial of Bill Clinton he's not going to go back in time to see to do it some and chase a salmon P. chase did back in eighteen sixty eight with the impeachment trial of president a Johnson an insert himself into the process and break a tie I think you can let the motion essentially die with a fifty fifty vote and by the way it may not even get to fifty fifty we still need to hear what Lisa Makowski may do in terms of her vote in terms of hearing witnesses we know they're two Republicans will certainly vote two one to hear witnesses Susan Collins of Maine Mitt Romney of Utah at this point the big unknown is Lisa Murkowski of Alaska and if he does if she votes not to hear from witnesses then the scenario that you just put forward doesn't even come into play because we won't get to fifty fifty do you have a an approximate time today that we're expecting these votes to go down no it's really up in the air the it's up in the air and according to the senators that are even a part of this process Brian they simply do not know whether they'll be a vote concerning acquittal or conviction that will take place today if all goes according to plan that would certainly be the case and they're certainly for democratic senators that very much want to have this process over those are the four Democrats who are running for the democratic nomination they'd like to travel immediately to why what to do some last minute campaigning with John thank you so much for the information the coverage all throughout this process if indeed today is the end of the impeachment trial of president trump have a great weekend hope you enjoy the Superbowl Hey you two I look forward to talking to you next week it's been enjoyable talking to you throughout this process and we'll see what happens this could indeed be the last day of this process I think that it's very likely the president does not have impeachment hanging over his head when he delivers his state of the union on Tuesday night highly informed opinion there John decker fox news

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