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Like if he was going to try and Deng. Oh you drive to grandma's smokey the principality I understand that there is dignity and principal and all of this. The point is that the Knicks look terrible. Doing this and on the Marcus Morris and things which is where my brain immediately still lives. It's not about intent. All of this stuff. His apology wasn't fact about how he didn't intend any sort of malice towards women whether it's Misogyny or racism or anything else it's never about what you intend attend. It's whether you are aware that the audience listening to you may take a different way and if there may be an effect like a net negative societal title effect to this kind of language. It's twenty twenty I think is I don't care if they had taken it right. There was no woman that was offended by what he said. He wouldn't change the fact that what he said was problematic right like I'm there on that now with what happened to me in the game and the way that this played out. It's funny you say that the Knicks look head in this now man. I enjoy team. That says we can't win the game. We go into fight in effect. I am starting to wonder if the reason I did not know about this. Unwritten rule is because as they have legislative fighting basketball. People are more likely to be out here doing these things because there was a time when somebody would just stole off all of it had been a pretty good fight. Because I don't think the Jalen haven't Jae crowder is necessarily somebody what is still on and call it a date. But Hey man if y'all can't win basketball games New York Knicks. Give us a boxing match. I went to a boxing match. Wasn't Madison Square Garden. It was highly entertaining. I bet it was more entertaining than game. I sat next to you for that fight. It was pretty cool but the problem with the building that we both inhabited that night after this game. They didn't have hot water for John Rant. In the Grizzlies Jim Dolan was greeted with cheers or the opposite of Selva team in a volume. That was honestly honestly kind of jarring even to me who's Numb to that. Jim Dolan just be a better landlord. How about that? And now Richard Sherman. Who has some thoughts who bears responsibility responsibility for the NFL's poor diversity record.

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