'Accident In Time!'


Endless weeks of chasing Dr Steven Federal through the time and space. His young protege decker brand. Nothing companionship's are hoping to hit back to their own time. It got showing the latest Star Wars Film and being true at heart. They are going in costume. Golly chips your rookie costume looks really good. Laugh IT UP FUZZBALL CARE. Help me get this white sheet over my head. Hey that e walk costume you made for Mr Pitches looks great man. I love the walks. They were just a little bit of cute and Fuzzy that that movie needed okay. Is everyone ready to go right chips? I never realized the resemblance but now that I see him in the costume which is now on nothing. You just really look a lot like Yoda. That's all I'm not sure if I should take a complimentary nuts at any rate. Why are you dressed as a ghost? Don't we were all going in Star Wars characters and OBI Wan Kanobi after he died and founded coming down to tell you that oh be one is dead. He was struck down and then he faded away. Why can't own doctor? Stevens made a time jump. Agree great now. I'll never find out what happens to antic in at the end of episode three Total Control Room W grant you forgot to wax the Poles again. Just take the stairs bolger so much fun okay. As our heroes begin their journey through time and space. We find that no good near to well Stephen. Sasha in fidgets racing through time and space juryman full ball. We'RE DR Steve Behind the wheel. Not Tell me how to drive. I was driving way before you were showing off the back of his sheep. I am not following. Close that steam train up ahead is moving too slow. I have to stay over. Eighty eight miles. An hour will drop out of the time and space streets. Aren't you'll right. There does seem to be an awful lot of traffic in this part of the time and space treats reserve. We are going to October. Thirtieth nineteen thirty eight. It was on that date that Orson. Welles created quite a panic by putting on a dramatic contemporary production of H G wells war of the worlds. I'm going to steal his script from the production to sell on Ebay in our own time. I just love that script. He was a brilliant bit of evil genius. In Austin Center City Independent he was on inspiring even if it was just a city in New Jersey. What do you mean? He wasn't an evil genius. Loss and wells was one of my inspirations to become an evil genius. That's what we live for striking terror into the hearts of cities even if they are just cities in New Jersey. I remember Oh no Dr Steven plotting steel awesome well script from the radio. Production of war of the worlds can our heroes toward his evil machinations list granite chips and find out Dr Lu. You can't drive this fast through traffic heavy. Whatever that delorean Dr Floyd? I'd never hit anyone before. That doesn't mean you won't read word on a motorcycle. Wear right over there. That's really cool. You know he was always guided is on the road is jumping your host Dr Grant. When are you gonNa hit that phone booth? You distracted me with Fred Ward judge. Oh boy. They're getting out of the phone booth roll down a window Dr Grant but you said we couldn't roll down the windows and the time and space during I know what I said but just roll it down. Do you do all right? Well yea walk. Who'll light or toot swayed in a flash? The phone on its three occupants are gone back in time and space stream great took off. Our ship won't start. What are we going to do? Dr Four till quadruple comes by. I'll give them a call right now to fold. Thank you for calling quadruple when you're not around around wind around midday meal stuck in an endless loop. I'm positive all companies do that on purpose because they're on a coffee break. Let me see the phone. Dr Floyd where are you calling? I'm calling our lab. Nobody's there yeah but we will be there in the future so I'll just leave a message for us to come get us and we'll get it later and then come get ourselves as well. That's assuming that we even get out of here. But if you call us there before we leave here then brain cramp low. Who is this Dr? Doug who's this grant he dr? Doug how are you? We haven't seen in a long time. Where have you been around? Hey listen you left the door wide open so I came in mind. That's good. We need your help actually good. I love to help. What can I do for you? We need you to write a note for us to come rescue ourselves out in the time and space dream we'll do vitamins space stream guys. Kill me okay I gotta go now. Have a good time. We all well. I hope he leaves the note for. I don't think he did because we didn't show up. Maybe we're late. But how can we show up if we're already don't start now? Sit on the hood of their incapacitated time spaceships. Throwing rocks waiting patiently. Someone to come rescue me mild onto seat in almost to the year. Nineteen thirty eight where they are going to attempt to steal while script for more of the world. We'll next ZIVA plans succeed. We log heroes find a way to fix their ship. Or will they find the known? The future of they've left for themselves in my head if I know next

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