UK faces another fierce storm; 2 found dead in rough seas


Stone Dennis the full Stormont the season to hit Great Britain has wreaked havoc across the nation to male bodies were pulled from the rough seas off the coast of southeast England a military personnel mobilized to help build flood barriers in a second straight weekend of stormy weather the Mets office had sixty eight flood warnings in place around England another forty had been issued in Scotland's intent in Wales by their environmental agencies the highest wind gust according to the mass office was eighty seven miles per hour in Capel Curig in North Wales much of the concern about still dangers focused on north in England which suffered during storm cara called ago resident John Williams in the northern area of Yorkshire said local authorities are not doing enough to stop the flood waters from damaging her area I mean it was our faith in somebody to try and protect us from this happen in any style hundreds of flights were canceled as a result of the high winds easyjet for example cancelled around two hundred and thirty five in an outside person as wind speeds were set to hit seventy miles per hour Karen Thomas London

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